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The emotional puzzle of Love is entrapping!

If you think, love is clear and make your paths defined in a crystal clear way, then you still haven't experienced the core of the world of Love. Because the deeper you go, the more confusing it becomes like a difficult puzzle. You get the clarity if and only you solve the puzzle. They say life is a maze, but probably they haven't tried the world of love, the maze of mazes. Because the emotion of love can be sometimes fallacious and due to the misleading nature, the feelings of a person get perplexed intensely. Love is an easy emotion which is very difficult to tackle because it includes way too many pieces of a puzzle to arrange and rearrange, to keep and to remove, to think in many aspects to attain a perfect shape which matches our thoughts, likes and preferences. Hence, attaining it is one hard endeavor.

Do you know why the emotion of love is so confusing? Well, before that, you must know that love can be confusing between too many people and it can also be unsettling between two people. Which means, the feeling of love can make a person struggle with another person or can make a person feel inconsistent with too many people. Love is fluid and it can happen with one person or too many people. But the confusion remains the same in either of the cases, only the depth of being confused varies.

Are you wondering why does the confusion comes into the picture of romantic love? It's again feelings, like possessiveness, insecurity, ignorance, negligence, taking for granted, stuck up with past, over futuristic, leniency, overprotective and most importantly, the attractions. Yes, these act as various tangents to tilt the graph of a romantic love period in the life of a person. The attractions can be for one particular person we love the most and also can be towards too many people we care about.

For suppose, if you are drowning in the romantic feelings of love, you always get attracted to your love, life or dating partner all the time. You seek and give undivided attention which may sometimes lead to suffocation and ends in self-doubting ourselves regarding the choice of our love. When you get committed to one person and if you expect a little and when you don't get that little, you will fall into confusion, which makes you have second thoughts about your love life or dating scenario with that particular person. Sometimes, this confusion may also lead a couple to part their ways.

And there exist some controversial personalities, who carry their emotional baggage wherever they travel regardless of their commitment status. These people create confusion in their lives by getting emotionally engaged with too many people, including current partners, ex-partners and also people whom they meet in their daily life under the name of intimacy, romance or even appreciation. These types of people get easily affected by not only one person, but also too many. The serious fact is, though they are committed to the only person, the opinions, the behaviors, the gestures, the personalities of others also can be taken into consideration which increases the damage and can make a maze more puzzling than before.

To collect the bits and pieces and arrange it perfectly according to the shape, size, and features can make a puzzle look complete. Don't you think we all should do the same with our emotions of love? Have you ever observed a puzzle keenly? After the completion of a puzzle, we all can be able to see the result as a completed scenery or art or any other picture, but the breaks of each piece of puzzle visible to us. The picture looks perfect with all the imperfections.

The same practice can be applied to our love life. With too many imperfections, we can still make our romantic love perfect. By rearranging the negative byproducts of love with all the positive traits, we can still achieve and come over all the hurdles of confusion. Sometimes, we create confusion in our love life with too many diversions in the form of unnecessary attractions, unneeded emotional baggage, miscommunications, and misunderstanding. These confusions can only be cleared out if two people in love try to sort it out the situation whenever it is needed no matter what. Else, the confusion can create damage in your romantic love life and sometimes make you feel entrapped, the deepest state of confusion.

So, this new year, take a resolution of trying to clear out all the confusion in your love, relationships or marriage, whatever commitments you make, to feel complete and satisfied. Because being entrapped is always less exciting than being loved! Everydayqueerlife wishes you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and have a great Queer life ahead !!

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