The effects of Transparency in a relationship!

Being transparent is one of the biggest issues in the current scenario in any kind of relationship, be it with our parents or friends or especially with someone special. Maybe the reason behind being and not being transparent to our loved ones is mostly because of treating them special. Yes, everything is fair in love and war. Sometimes, lies build the strongest relationship which hardly lasts long. And in the mode of constructing a beautiful relationship with gorgeous lies than bitter truths, the concept of transparency is getting affected and indeed breaking the paths of two people in a romantic relationship.

Currently, many of us are becoming victims and also facing a huge amount of guilt because of transparency in a relationship. We all want to be loved so crazily like how the romantic movies with happy endings work. But only a few of us could be able to handle dark secrets, naked truths, sad endings, and painful breakups. These negative sides of a relationship are the main reasons for someone to hide their total transparent features of life. Some of the effects of the concept of transparency must be noted in our brains before getting deep into someone, because it's always better to stop at the beginnings than dragging it till the end, especially, intense relationships.

  • Being transparent is good and indeed the best part your partner should love you all about. But don't expect others to be in the same way as you do. Some open up without others' intervention, but some open up only if you ask them about anything you want to know. So don't assume everyone around you is a candy lover just because you are one.

  • Maintaining transparency means keeping it crystal clear about yourself and things that you feel your partner should know about you and your past. Sometimes your preferences may change your partner's way of handling you in a few circumstances. Some people may like it and some people won't.

  • If you feel that your partner has nothing to do with your past or preferences or likes or dislikes or any personal issue, give it a shot by conveying them indirectly, so that you will get to know whether he/she has to do nothing or something. Do not come to a decision, that your partner need not have to know about you. Who knows, he/she may like you or not if you reveal yourself completely?

  • And, if still you feel that you don't have to say everything about you, one day you will surely end up screwing the situations between you because by then your relationship would be built on fake perceptions and sweet lies.

  • Not being transparent is always treated as faking about yourself and portrays you as a liar, no matter what and no matter how you accurately put all the things after everything gets messed up. So if you procrastinate things which you want to convey to your partner, do that as soon as possible, because the future is fucking uncertain. We never know, what may happen the next second.

  • And also if your partner's nontransparent personality becomes visible one day, rather than judging him/her then and there, take some time and think about why he/she should have done that to you because no one wants to keep a secret as a game. There must be a very strong reason behind it, be it bad or good.

  • If you react instantly without even giving a thought, you may miss the chance of being with a good person who loves you more than anything else, and also, on the contrary, you may miss a chance to crush such an asshole for being fake all the time of your relationship. So, never react when you come to know something big which you never know before, just act spontaneously and deal with the situation by taking the time.

  • Understanding is always key to a successful relationship. Just because your partner hides something big from you, doesn't mean he/she isn't loving you. Maybe he/she has felt that a particular thing as unnecessary to share with you or your partner might not be wanting to share because he/she didn't want to see you sad or kill your buzz or happy moments. So, always try to understand the people you love or think you love because that's where your real integrity of a relationship lies.