The Dramatic Portrayal of the Society (ft. Nazariya & SRCC)

We decided to travel together in Metro to meet the Nazariya Members in Connaught Place. Around 20 plus members have traveled together with a lot of vitality and unity. The travel was indeed fun. Lochan has shown her talent of singing Despacito on a request of a fellow member who has nailed human beat boxing with her voice and breathing skills. It was enthusiastic to witness the situation and dragging people's eyes towards us. The attention we got was epic. After a lot of judgmental looks from people, though we haven't bothered about them, we reached our destination. We were instructed to meet other members at Gate No.5 of Rajiv Chowk Metro station. Lochan and I have escalated our bodies on escalators to save our energy. Through my Red heart-eyed shadows, I couldn't be able to see people and we were moving forward without realizing that fellow group members were present on the stairs. We heard a voice of a girl saying "Don't ignore us guys, we are also from Nazariya".