The Dramatic Portrayal of the Society (ft. Nazariya & SRCC)

We decided to travel together in Metro to meet the Nazariya Members in Connaught Place. Around 20 plus members have traveled together with a lot of vitality and unity. The travel was indeed fun. Lochan has shown her talent of singing Despacito on a request of a fellow member who has nailed human beat boxing with her voice and breathing skills. It was enthusiastic to witness the situation and dragging people's eyes towards us. The attention we got was epic. After a lot of judgmental looks from people, though we haven't bothered about them, we reached our destination. We were instructed to meet other members at Gate No.5 of Rajiv Chowk Metro station. Lochan and I have escalated our bodies on escalators to save our energy. Through my Red heart-eyed shadows, I couldn't be able to see people and we were moving forward without realizing that fellow group members were present on the stairs. We heard a voice of a girl saying "Don't ignore us guys, we are also from Nazariya".

Then we mingled with them and shared what has happened in Lajpatnagar. Lochan and I were laughing while explaining the cop situation, because I actually thought that they were escorting us for some security and Lochan mistook that the cop was gay too. We were so dumb. After knowing about each others campaign, we headed towards the Central Park at Connnaught place. We have waited for the gathering and came to know that we had to regather at 3 o clock because few people from SRC college were going to perform a drama in Central park to enlighten the crowd in the park. Nazariya team has collaborated with them to perform that artistic yet empowering act in the center of Central Park. Everyone was requested to attend the act after having lunch. So everyone has left the place for a while.

I could see a few bunch of people dressed up in White Kurtas with their musical instruments, spreading those young college vibes to people around. It was a fun environment. And they were the students from SRCC, Delhi who enacted the live play in the Central Park of Connaught Place. I could also see all the members who have participated in march at one place, talking to each other, socializing indeed. Vihaan came up with some interesting story where Lochan was warning me not to hear about it. I was curious and asked him what he was about to share. I was quite excited before listening to that and I haven't disappointed after listening to it. It was wholly new, informative and controversial Christianity concept though.

While we were in our conversations, we got instructions to sit on green grassy land of that park. We sat together in circular form for a while, but Lochan and I have shifted our places to the nearest tree as it was shady and comfy. It was then, Lochan started sharing her story of Love and how she wanted to end up only with one person and strictly disinterested in random hookups. She said that she has literally turned down a few girls who approached her with the concept of Stupid Speed Dating. Listening to these sorts of lines from a Metropolitan Mindset was sort of shocking and at the same time, it was kind of relieving that not everyone in Delhi was in the speed dating world. I was glad and that one phrase from her has slightly elevated my research and opinions on Gay Lifestyle Scenario in Delhi. She also mentioned that regardless looks and social status, the understanding abilities have to be considered more. We were so much into each other's stories within few minutes of our conversation. They say right, it takes a few seconds to like a person to the core. Meanwhile, Vihaan was calling us to get seated on the ground. We have sarcastically denied it by laughing.

To get people's attention, one must have to portray themselves in a bold and different way. It is hard to get the attention of the crowd when you are among them. Hence, something new must be done to attract people's eyes.

I started listening to few screamings HO.. HA.. HA.. HO. It was the students from SRCC. It was a warm up game to cheer up themselves before starting the real act. It was a good public technique to make people gathered to know what was happening. I came to know about the game clearly from Vaibhav, who sat beside me. In a few moments, the college group has started the act with a cool background music played by fellow members in the group. Some were acting, some were playing music, some were singing. They were quite simple and too straight to the point. There wasn't a huge setting like a Theatrical drama, but it was completely entertaining and amusing more than theatre plays. The Crowd was relishing the act and recording it in their smartphones. Most of them were encouraging by clapping and whistling. Lochan and I were shouting aloud to cheer them up more in few sarcastic points on Indian Parents, which the college group had in their drama.

The act was all about a life of a boy who has surrounded himself around with typical Indian society which consisted of his own parents, sisters, relatives, education, his friends, relationships, forceful commitments, suppressed feelings, dilemma of being closeted, loosing the flavor of being himself, critical judgments, societal issues, supreme court's decision of decriminalization of Sec 377, finally coming out and getting accepted by the whole society in the way he wanted to lead his own life of being Gay. That particular act was indescribable because it was absolutely unpredictable.