The double-faced thoughts of a double crossed person!

Cheating or betrayal in a relationship has been one of the common issues in the current dating scenario. The lust towards materialistic things makes people betray the feeling of love. Bodily pleasures, name and fame, monetary issues can make a person change his/her mind to degrade one's self to cheat on a person whom he/she loves. Though cheating is not completely considered as a flaw in a relationship, the step which is taken towards betrayal in any point in a relationship, leave a mark in a bond between two people and the person who cheats or betrays always feel guilt or regret throughout the life, no matter what.

There are two types of people who get into double-crossing their partners. One: People who are greedy enough in search of having more sex or more money. Two: people who feel bored or feel attracted to someone else or disappointed with their partners or even to take revenge on their partners. The concept of double-crossing arises in the mind of any person because of two issues lust and love. Are you wondering how these two constraints affect the relationships and make a person double-crossed?

Maintaining a relationship is far more difficult than cheating in a relationship but after a while, the acts of betrayal become inexplicably tough. For suppose, a person who is greedy or unstable, cannot maintain a relationship. One or the other day, that person tilt towards money or sex or name or fame. If a person chooses his/her lifestyle choices over his/her love, then that particular person surely prone to betray in a romantic relationship. All the gold diggers, sex addicts and people who value materialistic pleasures more come under this category who double-cross their partners.

Love can make and can also break a relationship. If you truly love someone, that person will stay with you till you spread those love vibes but the same person can surely cheat on you if you stop loving her and treating her the way you always did in the past. This one constraint is another main reason for a person to cheat on his partner. Emotionally, if a person loses contact with his/her partner whom he/she loves to the core, that person starts searching for that emotional connection in other people and this may lead to the betrayal or break up in a relationship.

Double-faced thoughts only pop up when your partner decides to maintain the relationship with you and at the same time cheat on you with another person in his/her life. This two-way balancing makes a person bridge between two or many. Generally, these thoughts will let you know that your partner is double-crossing in your relationship.

Always observe the psychological tendencies when your partner says something to you to make you understand whether he/she is telling you the truth or not. Constant stammering and sweating while trying to cover up the truth. A lie after lie makes them even more guilty day by day and that regret can be seen on their faces until and unless they are too smart enough to cover up everything as nothing.

But still, every smart person takes a wrong step, like maintaining fake social profiles, managing two mobiles or many contact numbers, sticking on to the phone in odd times, stepping out of homes at wrong and never before timings, unnecessary overtime work schedules, irrelevant office work destination trips and most importantly maintaining less intimacy with their partners. These all are some of the things, a double-crossed person do to maintain and cheat in a relationship at the same time.