The dilution of Chivalry in Millennial era !

People change according to the trends and their mindsets change according to the era they live in. It applies to every single societal behavior and concept which a human can only work it out. Since, 12th century, the concept of Chivalry has been molding it forms according to the people's ideologies from one era to others. Currently, we are experiencing the most diluted form of Chivalry because now being chivalrous is getting treated as being desperate. A positive effort is being ill-treated as a sign of taking advantage. Well, we Millennials can do anything, we can easily portray a rape victim as guilt. When we can do such mean things, it would be easier for us to eradicate this nicest behavior from society slowly.

Some feel chivalry is unnecessary and manipulative. Some feel degraded and disappointed when the other person being nicer to them. Some unnecessarily showcase their stupidity by comparing the behavior which is out of love with the behavior out of judging the capabilities of a person. We, humans, complicate the simple things. Though we like being pampered and loved, we ruin the moments with our annoying and disturbing thought processes.

Generally, Chivalry is a behavior where a man showers his honor, respect, love, care, and affection to his woman by doing little things in the most pampering and adorable way. Previously, this behavior used to be most seen among the rulers, kings, and queens. Slowly, this behavior has been followed by normal people and it became a trend after a while. This is one of the main reasons for depicting too much of chivalry in Old English Classic movies. In most of the Hollywood movies, we experienced the portrayal of alluring chivalrous behavior where the hero treats his heroine as a petite flower with so much care and respect.

Chivalry was all about the behavior between a man and a woman intimately and romantically. But again the trend has changed, where people regardless their sexual orientations, they used to show the chivalrous side of them to their partners to get impressed by them and to be with them in any sort of relationship. And after some point of time, Chivalry became the part of romantic dates and part of love. Especially men started showcasing too much of chivalry to women in every moment. This overdose of chivalry was one of the reasons for the dilution of the concept of Chivalry. Men always screw up things no matter what. Sometimes, even their love gets judged to the core in a very negative way.

In the millennial era where everyone is individualistic and has their identities, preferences, tastes, likes, and dislikes. Everyone knows what they want and what they don't. Slowly, women developed anti-chivalrous behavior with men. They started feeling oppressed and controlled by their men. They started resisting the lovey-dovey behavior from their men because they assumed that would make their showcase as a weak person in society.

Nowadays, the chivalry is all about pulling the chairs backwards to let one's partner to feel comfortable at the table, opening the car doors to let one's partner get in, pulling and pushing doors at workplace by men to women, passing on comments which portray women as smooth and should be handled with utmost care, consoling women unnecessarily, convincing them to do work which has less physical involvement. Slowly, this behavior became something opposite to a woman's abilities in society. And then, the aspect of Feminism intrudes the chivalry and since then most of the women started getting offended when a man do all those activities out of love to impress their women.

Some feminists understand the concept of feminism and chivalry and respect both of them. But some act dumb by getting too much into the feminist soul and spread negative vibes for every action a man does and especially when they show some chivalry. These women can't take when men open the doors for them when men support them in their hardships when men convincingly talk to them and especially when men drag the chair back to make their partners sit for dinner dates. Because of extra feminism, these women couldn't be able to enjoy the chivalry and in turn blame the society and all the men for portraying such behavior.

And at some times, these women are also right because they are just fed up with all the men treating them as some sensitive and delicate objects, they want their identity to be showcased, they want to be individualistic, they want to be tr