The deprived and divergent feelings of a person in a long-distance relationship!

This is for someone inside you who is insecure and over-possessive and hazardous to one's self and to others, especially to the person who loves you regardless of the distance you are far away from him/her. Why do you act timid about your feelings on your love and why it becomes difficult for you to digest the whole long-distance scenario? Why you act so weird and stalk your partner and fill the toxicity in your relationship? Where all the trust has gone? Where all the love has disappeared? Are you understanding capabilities diminishing day by day just because you are not beside your partner? How can you misunderstand someone whom you trusted as no one could ever? Since, when these changes are affecting your relationship and since when you became such a moron in accepting your partner the way he/she is? Is this all about your tangent of emotions and divergence in your feelings? Are you getting badly influenced to degrade your partner with your unnecessary assumptions?

It's understandable, that a person wants to strike all these questions to their partner who is giving sleepless nights by becoming a nightmare every single day with his/her behavior. Some of us transform altogether into a different person after some point in the process of working out the long-distance relationship. Some act as stalkers and some act as perverts and some as complete cruel creatures. Sometimes the overdose of love slowly converts into dominance and that dominant behavior eradicates the whole love, emotion from a person and at this point, a lover becomes a person who dominates his/her partner to the core and thinks that it's love and care. That's a pure form of toxicity. The affection gets substituted with suffocation. The curiosity gets substituted with ignorance. The love gets substituted with anger, disgrace, and disappointments.