The 'D's that surely damage 'You' in your dating life!

Dating life scenarios are reasonably common these days, especially in this fast pace generation where people show more interest in dating than being compatible with one's dating partner. That's the exact reason why many people end up damaging their mental peace by experiencing physical and psychological stress because of the fluctuations in their romantic bonds. Regrettably, some people continue to date people even after facing plenty of breakups instead of finding the drawbacks in their dating life and precisely in themselves.

In a romantic relationship, individuality is important, and that can be elevated through self-love and self-esteem. If you prioritize your partner's needs by compromising your desires and wishes in the fear of facing ruptures in your romantic life, then you end up causing inexplicable damage to yourself and also to your dating life because, by the time you realize the damage, you would be exhausted. This, in turn, makes you get deflected from your dating life which leaves you with no interest in dating and also in people, mostly in love. So, every person needs to recognize some prominent Ds in one's dating life.


Adeptly, these are the primary aspects two individuals check with each other before seeing themselves in a bond, but there is a high chance for people to ignore these when they like the other person way too much because of intense infatuation and admirable attraction. Sadly, many people fall in love, get into relationships, move in together, live together, and sometimes get seriously committed under the name of marriage, without decoding the differences. By all means, some differences can be sorted and adjusted accordingly, but a few differences are starker than your relationship.

And these differences are mostly about one's perspective and opinion about a few lifestyle attributes, behavioral patterns, norms, and beliefs of a person that can never be altered. Interfaith, inter-community, inter-caste, and inter-race aren't huge differences when two people fill the void unconditionally with l