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The Contradistinction between Bisexuality and Pansexuality!

No two sexual orientations are the same. Every orientation works on the romantic and sexual attraction between two diverse personalities, regardless of the genders and sexes. But orientations like bisexuality and pansexuality always clash with each other in various aspects. These two are not completely similar and different. We must say these two orientations are partially similar and partially different from each other. Because under the name of love, every orientation is similar to each other, and under the name of attractions every orientation is different from one another.

Wholly, if you consider Pansexuality as a vast roof, bisexuality can be considered as an umbrella under that roof. Both provide the shade and shelter, but the capability of allowing people depends on the space under the roof. Are you vaguely confused now? Yes, the basic quality of these two orientations is confusion. It happens with every pansexual and bisexual. To begin with, bisexuality is all about getting engaged with either of the two genders, male or female to form a relationship in every possible way. Bisexuals can only get attracted to either man or women or both. Whereas Pansexuality is all about being with any person, regardless of gender and orientations. The portfolio of pansexuals is way larger than bisexuals. Because these pansexuals do not consider genders and sexes. They deal with people who are out of the regular gender and sex norms. Indeed, they can be with any person of any orientation, unlike bisexuals who can be only with gays or lesbians or other bisexuals.

Instead of sticking to the typical definitions of these orientation labels, most of the bisexuals tag themselves as Pansexuals and many pansexuals restricted to bisexuality. The clash between these two orientations gives birth to the hypocrisy against each other. This is becoming a familiar issue between bisexuals and pansexuals. Just because you are into both men and women, doesn't make you a Pansexual. Because most bisexuals are trans-phobic and they do get sexually unattracted to other orientations like genderqueer, non-binary, intersex, and many more. Bisexuals are meant to be attracted to two of the genders, male or female, which make them end up with a straight man or straight woman or gay or lesbian. Unlike other orientations, bisexuality swings both ways in the aspect of genders (male or female) and sexes (penis or vagina). The options are bisexuality are finely restricted to two.

In Pansexuality, a person can naturally be able to get physically engaged and emotionally attached to almost all the genders and sexes. There are many kinds and various types of genders other being just a man or a woman. Genders like transgender, gender-neutral, nonbinary, androgynous, Cisgender, agender, genderqueer, transsexual, and many more. Similarly, other than male and female sexes, there also exist hermaphrodite (consisting of both male and female genitals) , female pseudohermaphrodites (people who consist of ovaries and penis without testicles) , male pseudohermaphrodites (people who have testes and female genitalia without ovaries). Regardless of all these genders and sexes of a person, pansexuals may get attracted to anyone and can develop a relationship without considering the biology of a person because all pansexuals crave for physical chemistry and the emotional bonds. So, a simple question to all the bisexuals out there, do you think you can handle people other than a man or a woman?

A pansexual can be tagged as a partial bisexual but a bisexual can never be tagged as a partial pansexual. Pansexuality work entirely and universally with any person of any gender and any sexual orientation. There is a substantial difference between these two sexual orientations. Just because a pansexual person engages with a male or a female doesn't make him/her a bisexual because his/her sexual attractions with other genders and other sexes can never be suppressed. Similarly, if a bisexual person dates both man and a woman at the same by being in a polyamorous relationship, that person can never represent a pansexual because he/she can only swing between a man and a woman. Do not become a social hypocrite by judging a person's preference for preferring a partner regardless of orientations. Most of the bisexuals end up judging pansexuals because of the fluidity of the orientation to be with anyone they like. It's the same with bisexuals too, but with limited options. If a bisexual person spills statements of sexual greediness on a pansexual, unfortunately, that's demeaning because bisexuals still face the same confusion and criticism from other orientations. So, instead of clashing, bisexuals must support pansexuality and respect the similarities and differences to uplift the community.

It's depressing that the people from the queer community clash within themselves because of various sexual orientations and various preferences. These hypocritical thoughts offer advantage to all the people who are out of the community. If we can't accept ourselves, how can we expect others to accept us?

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