The clash between the aspects of availability and ability in a relationship!

The things that revolve in and around love and relationship are kind of inter-related and inter-connected. But most of the time, couples fail at perceiving both the concepts and end up following only one aspect without knowing the connection between the two aspects and how they play a crucial role in one's romantic relationship!

Being available for love and being able to love are two completely different aspects, yet they make such an inter-connection in any person's romantic life, especially when a person signs up for a committed relationship! So what is important for you? The ability of your partner to love you like no one else can or the availability of his presence in your life? Isn't it quite a confusing choice you need to make, to love and to be loved?

Okay, let's keep your partner aside for a while. Think about yourself and what you want instead of thinking about your partner and what he or she wants. Because if you start loving yourself and keeping yourself as your topmost priority, things around you change automatically. Now you may wonder what this has to do anything with the aspects of availability and ability in a relationship? As mentioned earlier, they both are equally important but you need to know how to get them on board together to flourish your relationship forever.