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The brilliant way of portraying sapiosexual hypocrisy!

Hypocrisy is inescapable, and we find it in every human we meet in our lifetime. Practically, everyone is a hypocrite when it comes to proving themselves and their points. We can only get to know whether a person is a hypocrite or not, through his words, actions, and behavioral patterns. If you are an introvert, the chances are remarkably low for you to encounter hypocrites and may not find yourself as a hypocrite because of your less-engaging personality. But, extroverts are the ones who like to mess up with everyone, everything, and in every situation.

If a person is a sapiosexual, the personality traits of being an introvert or an extrovert don't count because conversations and exploring the other person's intelligence are the basic requirements, to get to know a fellow human being. Hence, talking to people and sharing knowledge also results in encountering a lot of hypocrites and in showcasing one's hypocrisy to keep up the level.

Like how, a successful businessman is confident, bold, brave, and proud about one's achievements and most importantly money, every sapiosexual is both confident and proud of one's knowledge. Now you may wonder, how this could transform a person into a hypocrite. Well, when the emotions of confidence and pride exceed their levels, then any person may lose his grip and fall into the pit of hypocrisy. Not every sapiosexual is a hypocrite, but a few of them are and they show their hypocrisy by boasting about their knowledge levels.

Forget about sapiosexuals for a while, there are many highly educated, successful, and well-experienced people in the world. Try approaching a person who has 40 years of experience in the Medical field and tries to question his capabilities by choosing a doctor who has 3 years of experience to conduct very silly surgery. Be prepared to get a lecture about age, experience, and knowledge. The hypocritical factor over here is; the doctor who was once an intern 40 years back couldn't encourage or entertain a doctor with less experience after 40 years. Knowledge sometimes lets a person feel excessively proud about one's self and by default expect others to consider him/her as the best.

Not every highly intellectual and distinguished person has to be a sapiosexual. Some people don't even consider intelligence as a factor or a preference to select a partner to hang out, date, or marry. Unlike sapiosexuals, many intelligent men and women don't like to have equal or more intelligent partners than them. Of course, it's their choice of committing to dumb people so that they can feel empowered by dominating their less intelligent partners. And these kinds of relationships work better than others, indeed. This is why we can see many entertainment industry couples with a huge age difference. Because there, the experience, money, name, and fame matters. Hence, the odd coupling of a 60-year-old successful director can be witnessed with a 23-year-old beautiful struggling actress.

But, what if a true sapiosexual and a highly brilliant yet egoistic non-sapiosexual have a deep conversation over a particular topic? This combination of pairing helps a sapiosexual to find the hypocrisy of his own and the other person too. Self-obsessed, careless, and egoistic people are the ones who don't give a damn about what others think. They just commit actions and don't bother about the consequences. If the aspect of intelligence adds to their personality, they become unstoppable and they surely portray their hypocrisy to prove their point at any cost, no matter what. And this is how they show off their intellectual arrogance to others. Going to the extremes and proving a point is an easy task for an egoistic person but that indeed ruins relationships with others and sometimes they act against their will, just to satisfy their egos and hence they become hypocrites by contradicting their statements in the process, unknowingly.

Whereas a true sapiosexual person, enjoys such intellectual arrogance, and that indeed acts as a turn-on element which makes him get attracted to that person. Generally, sapiosexuals are calm, nerdy, and good at listening and observing others' personalities. Hence, they try to explain the other person about a particular aspect in a pleasanter meaningful way. Well, here comes the real issue. If you sound intelligent, suggestive, or well-known to a person who is also an intelligent but egoistic, the conversations fall apart because they turn into arguments and discussions. And when it happens, it is difficult for a person to make an emotional connection. Sapiosexuals can easily divert a topic from arts to sex within seconds. Compliments are the ones that can calm down, divert, and manipulate a person.

Sapiosexuals don't hesitate to appreciate the intelligence of the other person. But sometimes to get connected with a person, they contradict their sexual orientation by sexually committing with other people without forming an intellectual intimacy. It's hard for some sapiosexuals to find highly brilliant minds, but when they find those people as non-sapiosexuals, they can't resist the fact of intelligence, and hence, they try committing to them sexually without forming an intellectual intimacy. And this is how many sapiosexuals are getting ended up with wrong partners most of the time.

You don't have to become a social hypocrite and go against your sexual orientation by sleeping with random people just because they sound brilliant and have intelligent personalities. Look into the positives and negatives of a person. Intelligence is an appealing aspect but intellectual arrogance can be sometimes hard to handle. Hence, don't select people based on just intelligence and don't remain as a hypocrite for yourself. Be intelligent while choosing intelligent partners!

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