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The bloody side of Anal sex...

And this particular can be only experienced by women, gay bottoms and all the people who love getting penetrated anally. This can be faced at least once in a lifetime and it is one of the common issues included in anal sex. Are you wondering what side it is? Well, the bloody blood red side of Anal sex.

Anal sex is the most painful sex existing but all the gay bottoms and few women who prioritize getting penetrated through butts can understand that intense pleasureful pain behind those intimate anal moves. And one can experience the orgasmic nirvana of sex through anal penetrations. Like every aspect of this nature, even Kamasutra has pros and cons. You feel the amazing nature of it while having sex but you may feel panic when you see blood drops after anal sex. Are you already feeling something weird? Well, if you are one of those people who have already experienced it, you feel connected. Don't you? How many of you have turned your sheets into the red after having awesome anal sex with your partner? How many of you got panicked when you found thick blood on your bed or toilet paper or even your hand? Most of us would have encountered such experiences and some of you may deal with that situation sooner or later. Keep calm and breathe easy. This is not a big problem at all but also should not be ignored.

In this millennial era, we chase behind the data to get whatever we search for. Hence stop googling and panicking about the situation. You are not the only one who faces it. 80% of people who get into anal sex can face it. You see blood after your anal sex because of temporary anal fissures. Do not google it again, there's a lot more information which may scare the shit out of you. Anal sex is intense sex behavior where a person who penetrates his partner by thrusting his manhood deep inside the rectum through the butt hole. This is how anal sex works. A penis is a hard genital that gets inside of the soft anal tissues while practicing anal sex. And sometimes these soft layers of these anal tissues or anal muscles can get ruptured due to intense wild thrusts. Because, of these ruptures, blood may ooze out during or after having anal sex. And this is completely temporary as the ruptures inside will get normal after a while and you stop bleeding after it.

And all the gay bottoms who maintain their bums well, more than needed must keep this in your mind. Doing enemas regularly and frequently may also disturb your internal anal tissues which may irritate them and cause you bled. You perform your enema ritual to clear your lower bowel of the rectum to as not to make a mess and turn your sheets brown. But if you do that regularly, then you may turn your sheets red which is worst. So, perform once in a while, not regularly. You may face itching and irritation after anal sex and while cleaning your genitals and anal parts, you may feel less pain, which also suggests that somewhere in the middle of your intimate sex, your anal muscles got suppressed by the thrust of your partner's penis. In the moods of reaching prostate or g-spot, we sometimes ignore that weight on our soft anal tissues. So, please observe the difference between pleasureful-pain and painful-pain.

If you ever feel pain during anal sex, just ask your partner to take a few seconds break or shift to another position or get into some foreplay to relax your anal muscles for a while or just ask your partner to go slow. This will help in having safe sex. And one more important thing. Sexually transmitted diseases can also be the reason for the blood on your sheets after having anal sex. You may have multiple sex partners and unintentionally you may get affected by STDs and if you neglect without having regular checkups, you may face anal warts. These are the small swellings in the lower bowel of your rectum. These can be easily ruptured off and lead you to face pink blood bleeding out of your anus. If you feel pain or itching, just consult a doctor and take good care of your bum.

In the end, all we gay bottoms has to keep our butts healthy and bouncy to have the most amazing anal sex experiences right. Eating fibrous food, including fruits and vegetables can help you overcome this bloody issue because this fiber contented food helps you clean your butt naturally and also make your digestion easy. Fruits like pears, melons, and oranges, vegetables like broccoli, carrot, potato, beans, peas, cereals, oats and pulses can help you give the extreme fiber content to your body. As anus contains lower intestine muscles and various tissues, after good digestion, these foods can help you clean properly without making you feel difficult. And these are the natural cleaners of your anus, hence, you don't have to perform your regular anal cleaning rituals by taking a lot of energy and time.

Do not consider this as a very serious issue, if you take proper precautions and care, your butt will be perfectly ready to deal with any penis which makes you feel orgasmic and has pleasureful anal sex. And also to all the people who penetrate, do not go wild and rough frequently on your partners. Ask for their willingness and make love. Because penetrating is always lesser painful than getting penetrated. So, observe the fact and act accordingly. Go slow, go fast, go wild, but always remember to ride safe!

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