The bisexual tribes based on circumstances and conditions!!

We all know the tribes in every sexual orientation are segregated based on body types, hair types, personality interests, and most sexual, physical, and emotional preferences. It's the same with any orientation, from the queer community. But do you know, there are two dark tribes which are completely classified based on the circumstances and conditions, a person faces in one's life? Well, these are mostly untold because you can find these people in the darkest corners of the closets like a small box of cuff links. Hard to find but still make their presence in the community.

Unlike other orientations, bisexuals are mainly classified as open and closeted tribes. Because bisexuality is one orientation, which some people try to camouflage it in society to get along with others to lead a non-controversial life. But not everyone is like that. You can find many open bisexuals who tag themselves as true bisexuals and explore their orientation. Circumstantial bisexuals and Conditional bisexuals are the two sub-classified tribes that belong to the closeted bisexual tribe.

These can be among us and with us who can blend their orientation so beautifully without letting another person recognize the true sexual identity. Though some of them appear to be doubtful to others, somehow they manage to look like a true heterosexual in society. That's the power of circumstances and conditions; they can suppress a person's identity and also can break through them to shine like a different person altogether. Regrettably, when it comes to these two bisexual tribes, the choice of getting oppressed by conditions and circumstances, play a prominent role!

So, have you ever studied in a gender-segregated residential school where you either find only dicks roaming or else vaginas? Or have you ever got enrolled in defense training where you need to share space with a bunch of men or women together? Sorry for mentioning this, have you ever heard of inside jail stories, especially intimate affairs among prisoners? These questions must have surely dropped some sixth sense in you to find out the point, aren't they?

Circumstantial bisexuals are primarily heterosexuals who get sexually, physically and for time being emotionally engaged with same-sex men or women, because of the unavailability of opposite-sex partners to fulfill the erotic desires. Okay, now all you gays and lesbians who had intimate engagements in childhood must be thinking whether your first love is a circumstantial bisexual. Well, if he/she is claiming to be a heterosexual now without giving a damn about the history between you, then yes, that person is a true circumstantial bisexual.