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The beauty of filling void in a long distance relationship!!

A person must always try being in a long-distance relationship, at least once in a lifetime because that's what the challenge is all about. The tough task of facing mixed emotions regarding the feeling of love when your loved ones are not beside you is one of the hardest endeavors one can achieve in one's love life. Anyone can shower love when our partners stay beside us all day all night with us and hanging out with us for coffee, movies, and romantic dates but the real integrity lies when a person feels the same without the presence of his/her partner. People simply pass a comment that long-distance relationships wouldn't work and they fail most of the times, but at the same time, there are hundreds of couples, who are working it out easily, especially those who are in the defense sector of any country who leave their families, friends, companions, and children back at home and stand for us at the borders.

The chastity of such love has been just indescribable. Only tears can explain both the sadness and happiness of such a long-distance relationship. Not only them, but many are apart because of career choices and some because of unexpected connections they make with a person miles away. If you know how to deal with the void, you become an expert in filling the gaps too. That's where the beauty lies in a long-distance relationship. Regardless, timings, schedules, work tension, new priorities, new lifestyle changes, the feeling of getting back to each other after a long tiring day virtually, is like a painful pleasure of love.

The tears of joy, blush on face, those sleepy curious eyes, the expression of wanting to touch, the awkward silence, the anxious lips, which are dying to kiss say more than enough than a conversation in person. We all need some distance to experience the real feelings to express to our loved ones in the most beautiful way. Filling that distance with tons of emotions is the beauty of being in a long-distance relationship.

The hope of waiting to meet is beauty. In the hope of receiving a message saying "I will call you in a while" is the beauty. The hope of listening to his voice is a beauty. The hope of feeling her warm description of her tiring day is the beauty. The hope of listening to something romantic every night is a beauty. The beauty lies in everything in a long-distance relationship if you see with a clear perspective. The beauty lies when he asks, "How am I looking today?", by sending a selfie. The beauty lies when she calls you and asks for you to decide for her when she was quite confused and also quite far away from you. The beauty lies when he listens to you and your stories. The beauty lies when he tries to keep himself awake just not to miss a glimpse of your face. The beauty lies when she feeds you something over a phone knowing that it is impossible to reach the food till your mouth. The beauty lies in romantic assumptions. The beauty lies in hugging yourself in front of your screen feeling your love is in your arms. The beauty lies in being naughty to each other. The beauty lies in being sensual to entice your love and also the beauty lies in the sadness which comes out of realizing the absence of your love.

The beauty lies in sparing time, regardless of the busy schedules. The beauty lies in understanding each others' preferences and priorities. The beauty lies in keeping a track of the diet sheet of your partner every day. The beauty lies in arguing for petty things and convincing each other to be normal just to make each other happy and not end up in a sad note. The beauty lies in the way how we flirt as if he/she is new for us. The beauty lies in the unfading freshness of love. The beauty lies in fading discomfort between you and your love. The beauty lies in dozing off in the middle of the late-night conversations. The beauty lies in waking up with a positive good morning message with a cute emoticon. The beauty lies in being possessive if your partner goes out with his/her colleagues out. The beauty lies in a few disappointments which arise due to conflicts of opinions regarding long-distance relationship management. Indeed, the beauty lies in the long-distance.

All these little things blend to fill the huge void of a long-distance relationship which helps a person fall in love-struck with his/her loved ones every single day and also helps in strengthening the bond because people become more expressive and more curious when their loved ones aren't around them. Embrace the beauty of a long-distance relationship and don't get influenced by people's opinions on this beautiful bond a couple can make miles away. If a couple manages to maintain a relationship when they are far from each other, imagine, how their life would be turned out when they are together. Even the breeze won't dare to enter between them. That's the beauty of being in a long-distance relationship.

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