The basic reasons behind transphobia in society!

Unlike homophobia and biphobia, which are the recent unnecessary additions in phobic behaviors in society, transphobia has existed for ages, and transgenders have been suppressed since ancient eras. Even today, out of all the queer orientations, transgenders are facing endless wrath from these typical societal norms and people still suppress them with various demeaning phrases and gestures. This isn't only hatred; this is indeed a phobia towards every transgender person! And the reasons behind such transphobic behavior are annoying, baseless, and truly unjustified.

Firstly, people do not have proper basic knowledge regarding the word called "Transgender." Is it an orientation or a gender identity? Do you know that a transgender person can identify one-self as straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Being transgender is a person's gender identity and that depends on a person's assigned gender during birth gets transitioned to an opposite gender after recognizing the mismatch in soul and body of a person! It's not difficult to understand; all you need to have is a heart to understand!