The basic reasons behind transphobia in society!

Unlike homophobia and biphobia, which are the recent unnecessary additions in phobic behaviors in society, transphobia has existed for ages, and transgenders have been suppressed since ancient eras. Even today, out of all the queer orientations, transgenders are facing endless wrath from these typical societal norms and people still suppress them with various demeaning phrases and gestures. This isn't only hatred; this is indeed a phobia towards every transgender person! And the reasons behind such transphobic behavior are annoying, baseless, and truly unjustified.

Firstly, people do not have proper basic knowledge regarding the word called "Transgender." Is it an orientation or a gender identity? Do you know that a transgender person can identify one-self as straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual? Being transgender is a person's gender identity and that depends on a person's assigned gender during birth gets transitioned to an opposite gender after recognizing the mismatch in soul and body of a person! It's not difficult to understand; all you need to have is a heart to understand!

Generalizing the whole scenario of eunuchs and transvestites and applying the same opinion to the whole community, is plain stupidity. In previous eras, eunuchs used to have greater positions in kingdoms and yes, they used to get oppressed physically and mentally too. Currently, you can find some transvestites who are continuing the traditions of attending to all kinds of occasions to bless people for the wellness of an event. And at the same time, you also find some fake cross-dressers on traffic signals who aggressively demand money from people. With all these various blended crowds of transgenders, it becomes difficult for a person to maintain a standard opinion, but it never gives you a right to devalue every transgender you come across.

Well, to make it simple, just because a stupid prick turns out to be a rapist somewhere, do you think it is fair to judge the whole men in the world? Similarly, you can find fakes on roads, but you can't apply the same opinion you have on a transgender person who earns his/her/their bread by working hard. So, never generalize the whole community because of your bitter experiences from a particular set of fake people!

Instead of escaping the conversations with a transgender person, you come across, try to talk it out and know the other side of the story. Who knows you may find that person as normal, simple, and sweet as one of your pals? Without giving it a try, never conclude. Fear of confrontation, fear of expressing, fear of listening, fear of encountering a person leads to transphobia.

Do you consider yourself as a human or as a senseless goat who follows blindly? You are blessed to be a human. So, use your brain, instead of getting influenced by others' opinions. Just because someone is transphobic and spill demeaning statements on transgenders and transsexuals, there is no rule that you need to follow that person just to stick under the roof of typical societal norms. Come out and grow up, its 21st century, lines are getting blurred, transgenders are not societal threats, indeed, they are as human as you. Period.

The gender binary is one of the basic groundless reasons. The male and female aren't the only gender identities existing on earth. There are around 74 gender identities and transgender is one among them! You don't have to teach your kids all the identities and orientations, just teach them that every person is humanly valid and normal, regardless of sexualities, appearances, behavioral patterns, and attires.

A person who identifies oneself as transgender remains as transgender, with or without transition. You don't have to impose, urge, force, or provoke someone to get transitioned biologically, medically, and surgically, it's a clean crime indeed. Stop doing that. Transitions are completely physical but emotionally, psychologically, and mentally, a person can recognize oneself as transgender if that person is sure of one's feelings and emotions. Respect their clarity instead of berating them with your confusing mindsets.

Have a minimum knowledge, decency, and humanity before uttering a degrading statement. Lack of crucial human nature is another main reason for unnecessary transphobia towards transgenders. The basic question here is; why do you have to be afraid or scared of a fellow human being who never causes a threat to you or your existence?