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The 'B's that you shouldn't brag about, on your first date!

First dates carry out a crucial role in making real first impressions that encourage a person to move forward romantically with another person. Regardless of sortings and filters, there are significant chances for a person to dislike another person completely based on the outcome of the first date. In this modern dating scenario, people get to know each other virtually first and then move on to the personal meet because that's how the current generation works. But meeting each other in person inevitably has the same effect in any generation. A couple may decide whether they can go further or leave it then and there based on the comfort levels of the first date.

Strictly speaking, bragging forces any dating partner to feel uncomfortable, awkward, and weird. Consequently, if you are someone who unintentionally brags about a few things, you need to know some 'B's to not boast about, and similarly, if you are someone who keeps entertaining dating partners who boast, then you need to know these very 'B's as filters to turn down the person without thinking about going on a second date.

Beauty Standards:

Gone are the days when beauty is all about perfect size, shape, structure, color, and genes. With the changing scenarios, the standards of beauty also tilted towards positivity where every body type is treated as unique beauty. But even after breathing into the 21st century, some people act so conservative and treat themselves as perfect beauty icons who keep boasting about their looks and how they make other people drool over them. It is fine to be a bit self-obsessed in terms of looking gorgeous in front of one's dating partners but it is surely not acceptable if a person demeans other people by judging looks and comparing one's beauty standards with others.

So if your dating partner keeps bragging about how one's beauty standards are superior to others including yours and devalue people based on their looks on a first date, you don't have to continue seeing that person because in the future that person may end up degrading you to the core or feel embarrassed if you don't meet that person's beauty standards.

Behavioral patterns:

Behavior is one trait that can be noticed through one's usage of words, gestures, postures, how a person regards others, and most importantly how real the person stays in front of others. One can't fake forever, but a person can fake sweet behavioral attitudes on first dates to impress or to manipulate to take the dating scene further. Hence, a person needs to recognize how one's date behaves truly.

Thankfully, it can be easily filtered out by the aspect of boasting about one's behavior. If your date ends up speaking about how other people treat him/her/them with love, passion and affection because of one's sweet approach towards others, how one self-portrays as the most charitable person, how one specifically stresses the goodness factor without even the need of knowing, then you can perceive that person faking the whole behavior situation. On a simple note, no one tries to talk about one's behavior on a first date because behavior should be witnessed with the flow as it can't be communicated over words. Accordingly, if you go on a first date with someone who brags about his/her/their good behavior, test to the core to bring out the real person and true face on the same first date. That will help you get out of that walking fakeness.

Brand specifications:

In this lifestyle-oriented generation, people enhanced brand obsession, and some have this weird perception of being elite and sophisticated with the right brands on their bodies. If they get humans from Dior to date, they don't hesitate to rely on those humans too. A genuine person who maintains an elegant lifestyle with proper clothing and maintenance, never speaks about brands on a first date because that person focuses on looking appealing and engaging without taking the names of brands that person wears to meet you.

First dates are all about appreciating each other better, and definitely, there is no need of bragging about brands and most importantly no need of asking one's date about his/her/their brand choices or brands that person carries to present on a first date. If you are brand obsessed, keep it to yourself because that's your choice and you should never rub it on others or judge others based on their brands. Some people don't care about brands even though they can afford to buy them because of their low-key maintenance lifestyle or modest environment-friendly lifestyle. The topic of brands is wholly unnecessary and if your date keeps spills the typical brand obsession behavior by talking about everything related to brands, then you should consider the thought of getting treated right, only when you wear the right brands with that person.

Breakup stories:

The classic mistake every person commits on a first date is talking about one's pathetic breakup stories. Let alone speaking, some people boast about being right for breaking up their previous relationships, which comes out as a huge turn-off to any person who goes on a first date with the thought of seeing the romantic future ahead. A few situations cause a person to speak about breakups and past relationship stories but it is a noted rule that a person should never initiate talking about one's breakups. You can talk exclusively when it is deeply necessary or when your date insists you speak about it to make you feel comfortable and open you up.

We are in a generation where breakups are getting treated as achievements and people talk about them as if they endure experiences to debate about and try to prove they are always right in the context by portraying only the wrong side of their exes. And they do when they meet new people just to convey an innocent impression or to manifest their rightful personalities. Boasting about breakups remains the portrayal of stupidity because no one cares to know about it, especially a person who wants to spend a good time romantically on a first date.

Business ideas:

Some people can't separate their personal and professional life scenarios. Hence, they end up blending both to cause a big mess that affects their romantic life situations. If you like to talk about your business ideas or your career graph on your first date, in the process of influencing your partner, then you should know the basic etiquette of being on a first date.

You could be smart enough to pull a splendid professional growth, and you could be a pool of business ideas, but you should never give suggestions on your date partner's career path or depict your business mind by considering everything around you as an idea of good business, especially when the other person is least interested in knowing them. But if your date partner continues to look at everything in the business aspect and keeps talking about things that are out of personal context, then you must remind that person that you aren't there for a business meeting but on a date. And even if that doesn't help, then you must think twice before considering a second date because your relationship with that person is going to be a mere business contact. So be aware!

So here are those 'B's that you should thoroughly skip bragging about on a first date!


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