The “A”s that make your dates pretty uncomfortable!

And when you realize them, you need to know how to act accordingly without ignoring or escaping because these things have the capability of pulling you and your dating ethics down. This blog is not for those who randomly hook up and get along with meaningless bonds for physical pleasures because this is for those who exclusively invest their emotions, efforts and energies to have a romantic dating life even though it takes going out on dates with deserving people!

But not every date turns out to be memorable and beautiful. Some people may degrade the image of a romantic date in your mind with their behavioural patterns. Even though they commit those mistakes purposely or unintentionally, your moods may get easily ruined and if those hit you emotionally it becomes difficult for you to pull yourself together and push yourself to the next date.


People always act genuine but not every one of them is authentic when it comes to their tastes, preferences and appearances because in this current dating scenario you find very few people who say what they mean. In the attempt of scoring a date or spending some time outside with one’s romantic interests, people try to enact the other person’s interests as their own. And the worst part is some people look completely different than how they portray be they physically or psychologically.

Imagine you being so open about your personality inside out sitting right in front of someone who is exactly opposite to the one whom you expect to be with! It's completely uneasy and you find everything around you is a lie. Well, when that happens instead of getting along with the date, you better confront to make that person realises the importance of authenticity. If the other person’s perspectives seem convincing you can still spend time but if you feel uncomfortable, better walk out!