The 5 major blindspots you should never ignore in Love!

Predominantly, these blindspots get ignored constantly by couples because of their emotions and feelings towards each other and unfortunately, these blindspots could turn out to be severe red flags in one's relationship. Couples overlook them by considering the aspect of adjustability in their romantic bonds but sometimes these blindspots become toxic and can harm a person's mental peace altogether which is again the most severe red flag in any relationship. Hence, a couple must find these blindspots and act upon them before it's too late. Blindspots are dangerous especially when your partner lacks understanding of the severity of their existence in your love.


It's an immensely impractical approach to believe that a relationship could survive on the foundations of secrets. A couple must know almost everything about each other to flourish through the highs and lows of love by considering the pros and cons of each other's personalities. No matter how understanding you are regarding your partner's secretive behaviour, it costs you so much, especially the constant feeling of being an outsider in your relationship. Everyone maintains secrets; some don't talk about their past relationships, and some don't reveal their experiences with a few people. All those little secrets could be handled as you don't have to be bothered about your partner's past until and unless that past harms you. But if your partner refuses to open up about the basic details regarding his personal and professional identity even though you both remain in the relationship for a long time, it stays as a blind spot in your love.


Even though manipulative behaviour patterns are quite visible in a relationship, the manipulation personality of your partner remains a blind spot in your love, specifically when you keep ignoring the lies, expecting the change in your partner regardless of your consistent efforts, and giving endless chances to survive the relationship. Because after some time, you start buying your partner's manipulative tactics under the name of trust even though deep down you don't trust anymore. Do you think taking forward a romantic bond with too many manipulations could make you sleep in peace? And in the process of getting along with your partner's past manipulative tantrums, you ultimately become doubtful about everything. So, you need to confront the situation as early as possible and make a decision about this particular blindspot in your love.</