That's how you should respond to a queerphobic joke!

To the ignorant who only consider the typical gender and sexual norms of some unsaid, unclear and undefined society, the queer community is always visible as a joke to laugh at and degrade, not to feel happy but to feel socially dominant and more accepted in the eyes of other ignorant people in this world. So, these people always try to crack jokes at the queer community out of their homophobic, transphobic and collectively queerphobic attitudes. If you are a queer person or a queer ally who unfortunately has to face the verbal wrath of such ignorant people by their queerphobic jokes, how do you respond to them?

Generally, people (heterosexuals) who are unaware of the broadened perspectives of orientation and identities, people who are stubborn to accept the changing realities, and people who restrict themselves to open their minds regarding queer people, religious preachers who have no clue about the queer culture in the spiritual or periodical history, people who purposely devalue queer people to show their extreme heterosexual nature, people who are queer but degrade other queer folks so that people won't find their true identities, are the ones who always find an opportunity to crack a joke that directly points out queer people. So, being a proud and true open or closeted queer person or being a genuine queer ally, you don't like such queerphobic jokes. You feel offensive, hurt, self-conscious, disgusted, awkward, odd and many more mixed emotions. There's a possibility of responding to such queerphobic jokes in two ways.