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Pride Inspired Outfit...

A simple catchphrase to describe Cara Delevingne's recent Met Gala 2019 look. It was outrageous and utmost fashionable. Her charming queer vibes have gotten all the attention needed and in fact she got noticed more than needed. Her headpiece was another masterpiece which actually befitted the word Camp. Camp was all about exaggerating the concept of fashion which blends art of ancient sculptures. It was indeed all about daring, excessive and shocking. Exactly, the way how Indian Diva, Priyanka Chopra has shocked everyone with her outfit and tried nailing it with her husband but ended up getting trolled badly.

Pride Inspired Outfit

Cara Delevingne's Met gala outfit was the talk of the carpet. It was straight out of Dior's Closet which was claiming that it took 600 hours to get the outfit done. It was a pride inspired sheer playsuit with rainbow stripes. She totally nailed with her outfit and one of the best outfits of LGBT celebrities on the Red carpet of Met Gala 2019.

Dior Ensemble

The outfit was quite encouraging and her head piece was raw to the core. It consisted of half-eaten bananas, wind up teeth, manicured nails, eye balls and egg toast. The headpiece has portrayed the real meaning of this year's Met Gala theme- Camp! The crown was totally studded with diamonds and she has carried it with ease and elegance.

Food and Art inspired Headpiece

This was the only outfit which delivered pride vibes from the Met Gala 2019 carpet and only she could do it as she was also from the Queer Community. Representing whole queer community of the whole world, Cara Delevingne has nailed each step with her high rainbow stilettos. She was like a supreme queen with her rainbow royal sceptre.

Getting into the details, she has totally tied herself in rainbow stripes and her sheer outfit made her edgy with glittery nipple pasties. She kept her jewelry code in a simple way this time, she had green glittery chokers which made of Colored stones and Emeralds. Her makeup was also sober and she was definitely not over doing it. An Orange Highlighter cross on her face and Nude-orange ombre lip color was her makeup statements on the red carpet and simply fancied her caramel blonde hair by a High Ponytail look.

Talking about her Pride inspired outfit one more time and knowing about it in details is all what we can do. Because, one cannot easily get over the outfit and the charm of this edgy British Model. It could be more exciting if she would have stepped on the red carpet with her girlfriend..!!

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