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That one Weekend..!!

Everyone might have experienced that one weekend where you met someone randomly and get so much into them. Have you picked or get picked by someone in random places and celebrated the whole weekend in an exotic and erotic way? Well, if you have experienced how it feels, you can totally get related to your story with this Romantic Drama movie that has released in 2011 named "Weekend".

When they are about to meet for the second time and go for a bicycle ride together

This gay oriented romantic genre movie with a tint of natural, fresh and relating flavor, was kind of underrated in the history of LGBT movies. This movie has running time of 1 hr 43 min. Trust me, you won't get bored until and unless you expect steamy scenes every now and then.

Tom Cullen and Chris New, who has acted as the main leads in the movie played characters of Russell and Glen. The story is all about Unforgettable Weekend between them. This story is between two random people, their occupations, their pasts, their interests, one link between them and a few love making sessions. If you are planning to watch a good gay movie this weekend, this is the one for you. Critically acclaimed at the British Box office, this small natural movie created wonders.

Things you love in this movie:

Chemistry between a lifeguard and an art student.

Way of cherishing their life experiences and random hook ups

Depiction of the struggles of a gay person who wants to come out and accept himself.

That artistic conveyance of missing a person who becomes so dearest within a span of days

Accepting the past and moving on further in your life rather than loosing the flavor of love.

You will definitely get related to this movie because it has Love, Lust, Confusion, Values, Societal norms and many more that can enlighten a person about his orientation and the word called LOVE.

What you are waiting for? Go find the movie and watch it, if you didn't. If you have already watched, it's worth watching another time. Pass your time with this adorable gay movie. For more movies like this, visit

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