That one frequent mistake we typically commit out of unreasonable assumption!

No, it's not cheating on our partners like how some perverts do. This mistake has committed by most of the queer couples. This mistake affects the personal and emotional relationship between a couple out of imbalanced psychology. And the funny part is this mistake comes out of love and it has nothing to do with any bad intentions. Sometimes the good can also turn out to be bad if you don't follow the principles of being good or over-ambitious about being good all the time.

No one likes to hurt one's, lovable partner. Especially in the queer community, finding true love is possibly difficult. Fortunately, in these times, most of the queer people can find their soulmate or sincere love or be it any person who can understand properly. And when we get such partners in our life, we become extra careful and cautious enough about our every single move because we see that we don't commit any mistake which may hurt our partners. And it could be the same from their side too. This cautiousness from either of the sides in a couple may also create ripples in a relationship. The fear of losing our beloved partners makes us do things that may unintentionally hurt either one of the persons to make the other partner feel happy and satisfied. Fear and happiness are assumptions. The things we do to get rid of the unnecessary consequences are the mistakes we commit regularly. Think deeply because it is quite relatable to most of the queer couples out there.

He likes to go on a classy candlelight dinner, and you like to see him happy in that incandescent shine. On the day you planned, you got to attend an important meeting, but you had to forcefully cancel it just to take your partner on a date. Instead of being completely fine, you felt a little drifted away and your partner mistook you for being disinterested in accompanying him for the date. You ended up arguing with your loved one. A tale of a sweet gay couple and the ruined dinner. Are you into this kind of relationship where you do everything to make your partner happy by assuming that canceling the plans might hurt him and your bond might break off? This is a typical issue and it is quite serious too.

What happens if you tell your partner what you are up to? Why do you have to assume that your partner won't understand? Why do you think he/she may leave you for every single aspect? Why do you convince yourself instead of convincing your partner? Why do you suppress your thoughts instead of spilling them out? Most importantly, why do you restrict the relationship to be good and smoothly flowing all the time? Why can't you face consequences? Why do you feel afraid of sorting out issues? Why do you adjust more than required? A relationship must face both storms and also blissful rains. If you think your partner can only be with you by enjoying those rains instead of supporting each other in storms, then you need to check your relationship. The biggest mistake we all commit is that we assume things beforehand without even giving a try. Just because you are in a relationship, don't mean that you can form opinions of your partner too. That's one kind of taking your loved ones for granted.

Many situations in life would arise against which makes us stuck between two different extremes and two different choices. There is no mandate that you must choose your partner all the time. Understanding abilities and proper communication are the key aspects of any kind of relationship. If you lack either of them, you would be messed up for sure. No two persons are the same. This implies to couples too. No matter how deeply you are connected, the clash between some choices is a common issue. Adjusting for our loved ones is an adorable move in a relationship, but suppressing one's thoughts, likes, and preferences consider as a stupid move ever in a relationship. Though you think that it bestows happiness to your partner, it inevitably ends up ruining each other's happiness. Are you wondering how?

If you fail to communicate t