That One activist I met in Hyderabad !

In the limited queer scenario of Hyderabad, Andy was a ray of hope for me who could give some clear content about the queer lifestyle in the capital city of Telangana. According to my first and last impressions on queer lifestyle scenario of Hyderabad, the whole community scene was mostly restricted to dating apps which were indeed treated as hooking apps. Most of the Hyderabad's LGBT community people were closeted and were kind of habituated to the conservative, restricted yet influential society. The first two days of my trip to Hyderabad has given me only the negative content. I was searching for positive content. I was literally waiting for the good content to portray this metropolitan's scenario. I was fed up and I started getting content from people in these dating apps. I thought of meeting people who were honest and open about their sexual orientation and life too. Out of many lust worthy messages and many more sex proposals, I got approached by this sweet person in Hyderabad who has pinged me in Grindr, after reading about me. He approached with a tint of wit and sarcasm. He was honest while approaching me. When I asked about him, his basic details were way more different from remaining people.

That day, in the afternoon, I was about to visit a newly opened mall in Hyderabad which was nearby me. After a bit flirtation, Andy has asked me about my plans for the day. When I mentioned my plan, he said that he could join me for lunch. I was bored of hanging out alone the before day, hence I have agreed to join him in the mall for lunch. I thought of just meeting him and having lunch. No other thoughts or emotions intrude. I have reached the mall after an annoying dispute because of currency change issues with the auto driver who dropped me to the mall. When Andy dialed me, I have explained the situation and he came near my auto and solved the issue by providing me enough change. It was then, when I first met him. He was liberal to the core. He was shorter than me, looked like a nerd. I must appreciate his casual dressing style. He didn't take up too much room. He just presented himself as him. No room for extra baggage.