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Thanks and Sorry !

To the most innocent human I have ever come across,

To my Mom,

Thanks for giving me birth with utmost safety and Sorry for troubling you by coming out of your womb as a Premature baby. There were a lot of complications but your hope has made me alive.

Thanks for waking up early every day to send me to school and Sorry that you had to drop out from school because of early marital life.

Thanks for preparing yummy South Indian food every single day and Sorry for preferring outside restaurant food.

Thanks for sending me to residential school, though I was stubborn and Sorry for not realizing that you have sent me for my bright future.

Thanks for supporting when dad used to punish me and Sorry for scolding him in front of you several times.

Thanks for vindicating when teachers used to complain about my indiscipline behavior and Sorry for making you to rush my school whenever my principal calls you.

Thanks for letting me to choose whatever I wanted to study and Sorry for running away several times because of the clashes between me and Dad.

Thanks for teaching me moral values and Sorry for moral policing when you commit silly mistakes.

Thanks for corroborating when I came out as Gay and Sorry for letting you know after whole world knows about that.

Thanks for allowing my boyfriends in our family and Sorry for breaking up with them every now & then.

Thanks for understanding my sexual preferences and Sorry for irritating you by giving information about all my sexual encounters.

Thanks for Permitting me to marry the guy I loved and Sorry for calling off the wedding & making you feel disappointed.

Thanks for not forcing me to do something with my career and Sorry for not earning too much like other kids do.

Thanks for being savage when others ask about my life and Sorry for making you answer all the ridiculous questions.

Thanks for allowing me the way I'm, dress the way I love and Sorry for making you feel annoyed when people stare at us.

Thanks for being there whatever I do right or wrong and Sorry for not being the same person what you are.

Thanks for treating my best friends like your own children and Sorry for troubling you by asking a lot of money to hang around with them.

Thanks for encouraging me to buy whatever I want and Sorry for behaving rude when you control my Shopoholic soul.

Thanks for leaving me to go wherever I want to roam and Sorry for not taking you with me anywhere till date.

Thanks for encouraging me about my art and Sorry for being a struggling artist still.

Thanks for not hiding anything from me and Sorry for not telling you about my hidden truths.

Thanks for being a father figure to us after his death and Sorry for not being able to save him.

Thanks for giving gossips to me all time and Sorry for cracking jokes on your innocent mindset.

Thanks for making me as your first priority to share any news and Sorry for sharing any news with you after sharing with the whole world.

Thanks for giving me a chance to excel in whatever industry I step in and Sorry for not being stable in any industry.

Thanks for tolerating my psychological issues and Sorry for losing my cool because of my disorders.

Thanks for appreciating whatever work I do and Sorry for not recognizing you for the work you do.

Last but not least, Thanks for being the way you are and allowing me to live the way I love, but I'm really sorry for giving you nightmares in every single aspect, right from my birth to my career and personal choices too. You still care about me regardless my nature, my orientations, my educational choices, my career options and my sexual preferences too. I can say only one thing about you to the World, You may not be educated like others, but the way you think is way broader than the educated and sophisticated people out there. If you were tough on me, I might not be the same person I'm today. Thanks for everything you did!

How about that Ruby studded Gold ring as a gift for you this time? Well, You have been behind me like crazy since many days.......... Let's go Shopping !!!!

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