Sword Fighting... - NSFW 

The Pen is mightier than the Sword. Sometimes words have more power to fight in a better way than the weapons. Wait... Wait.. Wait... This only applies in wars which happens in war fields. But what about wars which takes place in Bedrooms? Wink, Wink.

Wars in bedrooms? Are you confused? The only war in the bedroom happens during sex, but this war always ends with a peaceful climax though. Well, Swords are useful in battle fields to kill the enemy. But what's the use of Swords in the bedroom? Any idea?

Guys treat only one thing as their weapons. They treat them with treasure and if something happens, they take it too seriously. They compare their weapons with others more often. Most of them in the current scenario are also trying to increase the abilities of their weapons. Dude, if you still didn't get the idea about the weapon I was talking about, then you should be really that one person who used to be a first bench student. (Judgmental laughs)

Well, I was talking about dicks. Penises are the ultimate weapons for every guy on this earth. Many people believe that their dicks speak more than anything else. But, fuck all of it. Don't behave like a dick head, listening to all the shit. Switching on to the title...

Sword fighting is the fun yet sensual sex practice that is mostly seen in gay couples. Sword fighting is all about enjoying the erected dicks. This is one kind of foreplay and end play in sex. This sounds funny, but this is quite erotic too. If two guys are having proper erections, they will feel each others erections and sizes of their dicks by touching and rubbing them rigorously. At those sensual moments, the term Sword fighting arises because it looks like as if two guys are fighting with their swords. Here, the erected penises are compared to Swords and the erotic moments compared to sensual fighting.

Not everyone will follow this practice. It is sort of rare. And it is mostly followed by two guys who have that emotional rapport to have fun with their dicks to increase the foreplay time to some extent. This is not like literal fighting though. It is embracing each others erected weapons in the Sex Battle Field. As I have mentioned earlier, it can also be practiced at the end of the sex session, because this helps each other to climax mutually. The outflow of semen can be happened by rigorous rubbing of penises without handling them.

In my research, some people actually follow sword fighting to experience the climax without masturbating with their own hands. Generally, in gay sex, the bottom guy has to wag his penis up and down to cum. Top guys mostly cum inside the bottom's body (of course, with a condom) or else they too wag mutually. But what's the fun in doing that. A perfect orgasm is the one in which is hands free. So to try that, most of the gay guys follow Sword Fighting.

These are mostly seen in Gay porn than real life. This scene will be definitely shot in Viktor Rom's Gay porn. Having dicks like porn stars is kind of dreaming in Unicorn Island. Very Imaginary. So, don't rush yourself for big dicks. Sword fighting is the sex practice that can be happened between two guys with their erected cocks, where the partners push, wag, rub, hold, thump, beat each others dicks for erotic pleasures before or after intercourse.

Sword Fighting, sounds mean and crazy. But the only guys with huge cocks can get related to this term. Because, a war can only be happened between two equals. So, when they find their equals and competition in their partners, why can't they fight for their pride and end it peacefully out of love.

It is fun when your partner is also having a good sized erection. If not, it's going to be a one sided war. For this sex practice, dick size does matter and don't feel down if you think that you can't. There are many sex practices out there to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Hope you have sensually traveled to the fantasy world of sex. Meet us the next week with another sexy sexual practice story. Till then, keep rocking!

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