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Swinging both ways!

From the title, you can easily guess what we are going to articulate about. Yes, the only people who have the tolerance capabilities of handling both men and women. And in LGBT terminology, we call them Bisexuals. And most of the people from the community itself discriminate them for no reason. Maybe, those people are quite jealous about the range of both men and women they are into. Maybe, they are jealous of wholesome love they get from either of the genders.

Swinging both ways is not about cheating and definitely not a phase of showcasing Greediness. To all the people, who think bisexuals are confused, then you are wrong to the core. Because, they are the people who has more clarity than any other in the community. Because they clearly know when to swing on what side. There is no space for confusion in the minds of bisexuals. It's just they are jam packed with hell lot of choices.

Out of many surveys, it is to be noted that 75% of World Population are bisexuals. The statistics are totally based on people's choices and their wishes, not according to their lifestyles they are leading in present scenario. Many of them are forced to marry either a male or female as a partner, but still fulfilling their bisexual wishes and desires. And there is no wrong with it at all.

Gays and Lesbians have created an opinion in their minds that Bisexuals swing both sides by playing with their emotions and feelings. They strictly believe that bisexuals can easily move on in life with another partner by cheating on them. And yeah, these statements are proved in many stories from the relationships all around the world. Especially, those relationships where a bisexual person tied up with a gay or a lesbian. But, do they give a shot to think about the situations what made these bisexuals do that or the consequences post ending up the relationships with homosexuals. NO.

No one likes to step in the shoes of a bisexual person and understand the dilemma of choosing a partner, especially when they are about to get married according to the wishes of their family. Because, by then, we (Gays and Lesbians) form an opinion in our minds that bisexuals are just for sexual pleasures and won't give a value for the emotions.

Well, every Gay and Lesbian, must have gone through the dating phase with a bisexual for sure. If yes, ruminate the memories and think about them for a moment. Ask to yourself, the reason for the breakup. If it was all about understanding and miscommunication issues, then the two of you must carry the same amount of guilt. But, if Marriage of your bisexual partner was the reason behind ending up your relationship, then you must talk to them once if you cut them from your life.

Because, knowingly or unknowingly, bisexuals are the only ones who carry the guilt till grave for dumping their gay or lesbian partners for the sake of their wedding according to the wishes of their own families and especially society. This happens quite a lot in India. And also there are many gay men or lesbian women, who are forced to swing both ways post marriage because they don't have any choice.

So, swinging both ways, doesn't make a person Bisexual. It is all about considering both men and women as the equal sexual preferences. Bisexuals are those who prefer both men and women. They are not bisexuals if they are forced to be with someone they don't like even though they swing both ways. A sexual orientation is all about freedom and it's totally not about adjustments and stuck up situations.

So, next time, don't use the phrase called "Swinging both ways" in a demeaning way to any bisexual person and also all the bisexuals shouldn't consider the demeaning side of the phrase to represent them in the society. Your sexual orientation is your pride, flaunt it like you own it.

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