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Suspended Congress... - NSFW

I'm not a political campaign leader to write blogs about Political parties. I know the election fever is running in India right now, but that hardly shows any effect on people's sex life right. Well, talking about sex, the title doesn't specify the current situation of Congress Party in India. It explains all about Sex, because "Suspended Congress" is a Sex position.

Yes, what you have read was true. It is a sex position mostly seen in Gay sex and Straight Sex scenario. Sorry, Lesbians, next time I surely come up with the best sex positions to try.

Suspended Congress can be considered as one kind of Acrobatic Sex positions. And it also can be taken as Supporting Sex positions. This sex position will increase the duration of sexual pleasure because it's more of action which doesn't allow you to Climax too soon.

Understanding this sexual position and practicing this takes a little effort. The pleasure is inexplicable and one will love to try every time he gets a chance to make out with a flexible partner. Because, this position is all about flexibility, supporting and holding power.

In this sex position, the bottom guy has to be in sitting position in the air, whereas the top guy must keep holding his partner on his hips by standing still and inserting the dick inside the butt hole. A proper erection must be needed to make hold of a person and penetrating into him. Hence, I have mentioned earlier that it is sort of Aerial. Acrobatic sex positions are the ones which allows any one of the partners, not to be in contact with the floor, but just with the person whom he is having sex with.

This sex position got name called Suspended Congress just because, the bottom guy has to be suspended towards the wall while getting penetrated or else get suspended by his partner's body throughout the time. This position allows the partners enjoy the sex for a long lasting time as the blood flow in Penis goes upward and the rupture won't lead a person to climax soon. The pain for the bottom guys is one thing that has to be considered because the vertical positions are less experimental. But its playful too.

This position is preferred only when people are healthy with their spinal cords and back postures. Acrobatic sex positions are only be suggested if partners have the stamina and energy to hold and support each other. An Imbalance in this sexual position may hurt both the partners. One may fall down and the other may get uncomfortable with the erected pelvis muscles.

If you have enough stamina to hold your bottom partner, you can enjoy the position to the core because the gap between you would be very less. Its cozy too. If you have sexual fantasies of having shower sex or bathroom sex, then this position is the best one to try where one can take the support of the washroom walls.

For intense effect of this position, try locking your lips all the time because the testosterone levels actually help you both to maintain hard and you can last for longer periods. So, what are you waiting for guys, screw those ordinary positions, try these experimental ones. But, remember the rule "Play Hard but Play safer"

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