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Strangely Sweet...

Sometimes sweet moments become nostalgic strange memories. Some situations are meant to be like that, I guess. Strangers become lovers and lover become strangers, but the love between those transformed strangers and lovers remain still sweet. Is it because of the freshness or unending innocence of the people involved in that sweet Love? Why it happens, especially with first love and why the aroma remains still sweet regardless some pungent situations? Too heavy for a mind to understand but too simple for a mindset to comprehend..!

Forever is the word we use during the times of our first love without even knowing the limitless meaning behind that heavy word. Though we didn't know the meaning of it during our first love, we still cherish it till the end of our life. Isn't it strange? It is strangely sweet..! That's the magic of first love. It's innocent and dumb, but meaningful and crazy at the same time. Why do we still remember the moments and why do we still count on the dates and most importantly, why we always ruminate the same memories again and again and why we still feel them so fresh? Because it's sweet and simple.

First love is effortless. It is kiddish enough. It is monumental yet new. It smells like an old book, but the information is still not understandable. It's virgin. Its Pristine. It's unwithered. It's Sweet love. It's strange that we can still write a whole book of those blossoming feelings. But on the contrary, we can't express those same feelings to the same person we loved once, indeed forever. Why? Because it's strange!

Where all the closeness, immature behavior, newness, embarrassment, fear, especially the Love vanishes between the two people who claims to know each other so much and their feelings for each other? It's strange that two persons fall in love first time with each other explore the whole ocean of love but can't find the pearl which makes them dive in the ocean. Strange right. Exactly, the same thing happens with our first love partners. We mistake the spark of our love as a pearl in the ocean and start exploring it by going behind it. Indeed, the spark is between the two people who fall in love which shines on the ocean of love.

Strangely, it still remains the same, because it's forever first love. We think that all the closeness and all the fears gets ended up because of unfortunate incidents or heartbreaks, but all the traits we have during our first love, remains the same till the end, especially in the case of our first love partner. That's what the meaning of forever is. Never ending! Those all traits remain in the memories, in the things we exchange, in the thoughts we travel, in the sadness we feel, in the loneliness we suffer, in the happiness we enjoy and in the love we search forever.

It's strangely sweet that, people only love for the first time with a person whom they consider as their first partner. If once it is finished because of a breakup/death, we all people travel in a trance that we are in love with others, but indeed we still search for the love we already had once. It's too sweet that it only happens once. We might be kids or teenagers when we experienced our first love. But we still remember each and every single detail of the moments we spent. We remember the dates. We remember the fights. We remember the possessiveness. We remember the events and We surely remember the break ups and the final bye too. But the promise we make to each other in our first love to stay together with each other by using the word "Forever", remains still the same. It's strange and sweet.

Because, no matter what happens and how many people enters into one's life, no one can forget the first love. The romance and innocence of the first love are sweet and strangely, it works out forever. The rejections, the hatred, the miscommunications, the misunderstandings, the awkward silences, our professions, our new partners, our busy schedules and many more unimportant things have nothing to do when it comes to dealing with our first love in of our life time. And again, it's strangely sweet.

You may be afraid of the society, you may be pretending as a stranger to me, you may act weird in front of others, you may ignore me to the core, but I'm sure that you remember every single moment you spent with me and I know that you still have a respect and love for me ------Remembering you on your day by dedicating you my words!!

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