Straight View!

After Jacob has bade me a bye, I have totally involved in my fries and cappuccino and filled my little tummy. And while I was having a smoke and adoring the weather outside, I received a warm smile from a girl who was sitting right opposite to me at another table. She came with her friend and she seemed one of the closest pals to the cafe members. So I thought of talking to her to know her opinion about the cafe and the queer community of Delhi. I just approached her while she was in the middle of the conversation with her friend. I apologized for interrupting them and quizzed my favorite question to both of them, which was " Describe the Concept of Love in one word". Roopa has quickly answered me saying "Unconditional", where as Chandan has answered me "Abstract" after a huge pause. He and his answer were quite intense. With their answers I came to an opinion that these people were good in understanding Love. They offered me a seat. I was pleased by their gesture and started asking a few more questions. I got the true and best answers ever.

Natural ambiance at Q cafe!

"Delhi is the place with diversified cultures, where you can find hell lot of population from various parts of India. The gay scenario in India is partially good and partially bad. Few areas in Delhi are really annoying in considering people. With its mixed culture, Delhi mostly filled with conservative mindsets. Rather than talking to everyone, it's better to have rapport with like minded people. Gay scenario over here is quite escalating towards good way. But people are still closeted. They don't want to reveal their identities in the concept of showcasing their gay interests. Some are quite judgmental and some are quite supportive" said Chandu and Roopa, who are the ardent supporters of the LGBT community.

The interesting part was these two has broken the stereotypes regarding one common phrase which says "Straight people are homophobic and don't support Gays". They were very informative, appealing and supportive too. They have patiently answered every single question of mine and in fact shared their personal experiences with the gay community.

When I asked about choosing the words between "Conservative and Orthodox" which befitted Delhi scenario, these two supporters have chosen word called "Ignorant". People here never like to upgrad