Stop the tide before it goes!

Can you do that? Have you ever thought of stopping a tide to feel the wetness of those foamy waves on the smooth sand? Some phrases come with internal philosophies and they can never be considered literally. No one can stop the tide, but everyone can feel the moment of pausing a tide which allows a person to feel the nature of a tide. We know if one tide hits the shore and goes back, then another one comes following it and that's nature but not every tide makes us feel connected with nature.

Some are slight, some are big, some stay for a long while, some don't even reach our feet, some are over foamy, some are completely watery, some brings pearls, some bring trash, some make us standstill, some push backward and some pull towards the sea, some are completely dangerous and some are worthless. Whatever they are, they still strike the shore and go back by blending into the sea.

In the huge ocean of love, many people come in the form of waves with a particular tidal strength to reach us. Those waves try to reach us and make us feel better or worse and go back to the sea by giving experience and on the other side, we simply step away from those waves before reaching our feet. We can't allow everyone to love us romantically but when we allow, we either have a lifetime experience or else we end up learning a life lesson.