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Stop the tide before it goes!

Can you do that? Have you ever thought of stopping a tide to feel the wetness of those foamy waves on the smooth sand? Some phrases come with internal philosophies and they can never be considered literally. No one can stop the tide, but everyone can feel the moment of pausing a tide which allows a person to feel the nature of a tide. We know if one tide hits the shore and goes back, then another one comes following it and that's nature but not every tide makes us feel connected with nature.

Some are slight, some are big, some stay for a long while, some don't even reach our feet, some are over foamy, some are completely watery, some brings pearls, some bring trash, some make us standstill, some push backward and some pull towards the sea, some are completely dangerous and some are worthless. Whatever they are, they still strike the shore and go back by blending into the sea.

In the huge ocean of love, many people come in the form of waves with a particular tidal strength to reach us. Those waves try to reach us and make us feel better or worse and go back to the sea by giving experience and on the other side, we simply step away from those waves before reaching our feet. We can't allow everyone to love us romantically but when we allow, we either have a lifetime experience or else we end up learning a life lesson.

Relationships are harder than we think. Apart from managing it materialistically, handling the emotions of a relationship is quite a tough endeavor to achieve. If you are a beach lover or indeed a thalassophile, you know how to embrace the waves. You know how to connect yourself with nature through those waves. Did you remember every single wave which hit your feet in various beaches you have visited? Hell, no! But some waves leave memories in our minds, both happy and sad. We can never forget them because those tides are exceptional ones like our dating partners in our life.

A person can have many dating partners in one's life. Some of them become our serious relationship partners, and some of them may become life partners too. No matter what kind of partner, a person, is, he/she may leave when the time comes, because of unfortunate incidents or else because of relationship clashes. If it is because of accidents or inevitable deaths, it takes a particular time, be it months or years, for a person to digest the fact and move on in life with the memories. But if it happens because of some relationship clashes, those particular partners leave scars on our lives, scars of guilt and pain.

With a few people in our life, we make such beautiful, unforgettable, and forever cherishing moments regardless of how many days or months or years we spend with them. We all enjoy such short-term or long-term relationships with people who once shared their warmth of love. But unfortunately, they remain in our past forever, who make us remember in our present and who never leave our memories forever. Still, we don't maintain any contact with them because of various reasons. These particular relationships seem like broken up for the world, but indeed they always get entangled with our personalities. We don't bear their names, we don't call them, we don't keep in touch with them, we don't talk about them to others, all we do is ruminating their memories all the time. Is anyone flashing in your mind right now?

If you have appreciated a person's existence, so much, then why did you let that person leave you? Was it your ego or your assumptions that let you not stop that person to get away from your life? Why didn't you try stopping the tide, the most beautiful and worthy tide, you enjoyed the most and the tide which soothed you to connect with nature? It takes a split second to throw a person out of our lives but don't you think it takes the same split second or a moment to get back with the person we love the most?

A long-lasting, foamy and watery wave which brings the pearls to our feet is worth stopping no matter how intense its tidal strength is. Before that wave leaves, it delivers a full potential moment for a person to enjoy it fully and it is a very significant moment one must appreciate. The tidal wave may go back to the sea but it surely leaves the experience in a person's memory. You don't have to stop the wave to experience it for a lifetime. You can ruminate the encounter to keep it fresh in your memories.

Remember, relationship clashes at peak levels reach the highest saturation point where a couple reaches the dead-end by degrading each other to the core and that's when this tidal moment arises. It remains calm and let a person think about his/her next step in that particular relationship. Most of the couples think that's an endpoint and try breaking the paths to explore other ways. But have you ever thought of witnessing the saturation point? Who knows you might have seen a different world altogether?

The tide which hits our feet and makes us connect with nature by embracing both the warmth and cold of water also bring some time with it to make a person appreciate the moment. A couple during a relationship clash, which reaches the saturation point must spend the exact time moment of the graceful tidal wave to ruminate the memorable relationship they had. This particular moment helps a person to think twice before ruining the relationship. Some successful relationships spend this very moment and easily get out of those relationship clashes by clubbing hands together to witness the world beyond the saturation point.

You can't stop the tide before it goes, but you can surely appreciate the moment the tide brings at your feet, the very moment which helps you remember the experience forever!

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