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Spreading Arms... Spreading Legs...!

Does life is all about spreading arms and spreading legs? Do you agree with it? Only a few can understand the deeper meaning of the thoughts behind the statement. Well, it is not so complicated. It is most like our choices to fulfill our daily accomplishments. Life is not about these choices, it is all about choosing whether to spread arms or legs. For some, spreading arms is the topmost priority because of the ethics they follow, but for some spreading legs can be the only option left to attain whatever they want.

And for your kind information, not all people who spread legs are whores and people who spread arms are appealing and understanding. Both of these choices have their pros and cons. Sometimes, an advantage of spreading legs can be of more value than of spreading arms. With these comparisons between these two choices and the benefits behind choosing either of the choices, a person can build up his life, lifestyle, and personality. One thing must be noted is, either of these choices affects a person on a larger scale.

The term "Spreading legs" has been taken as an offensive or an abusive or a demeaning term for ages. This term produces the vulgar tone when someone sounds or else it can be just treated as a fun aspect without proper recognition. Simply, this term itself depicts the life of a prostitute. Everyone wants her, but no one likes her. There are many people in this sick society where they are being forcefully or being too much aspired to gain something are spreading legs for the people who ill-treat them by being opportunistic with heinous acts. Making love or having sex with mutual consent can never be treated as just spreading legs. Because showing the ultimate form of love in terms of physically engaged into each other bodies is way more beyond just spreading legs.

Some ridiculous people who spread the legs of others are more cunning, opportunistic, greedy, lusty, insensitive, egoistic, unkind and mostly self-obsessed. They just want to use others to fulfill their desires regardless of the situation, age, preferences and sometimes orientations too. They just need a body to spread legs, which is disgusting to the core. And there come some other people, who spread legs for others. These people commit this act either under pressure or under thirsty thoughts of gaining something to uplift their lifestyle and some do this to earn some income. Any situation can have two faces, negative and positive. You can feel pity for people who have to spread their legs without their proper consent, but you always end up having second thoughts for people who spread legs for others to gain anything they want. This is again a serious thing, because these kinds of people, use this as a weapon to deal anything in life, which can be a serious threat for people who wants to uplift their lives in a right way. Yes, even spreading legs can be treated as good under a few circumstances.

When someone says "I love spreading my arms for people", we feel so positive and so appealing that within no time we form a good impression of that person. Because the term "Spreading arms" is something that can be treated as a positive attribute of a person who is willing to talk or work or do anything for anyone who approaches that person. Maybe that's why Jesus is well admired in this world. Because no one can just ignore a person who spreads the positive vibes by spreading his arms out to hug people and talk to them or to sort their issues and always strive hard to make people happy.

Since our childhood, we all have been taught to spread arms in the form of helping others, doing charity, developing others' personalities, nurturing people and especially encouraging others by filling positivity in them. Because at the end of the day, it comes around and helps to improve our personalities indeed. But as usual, every action has its pros and cons. Likewise, even spreading arms can create ripples in a person's life.

We all humans assume something and conclude very fast by just witnessing a person's outer positive appearance without considering his/her inner thoughts. It is difficult to know someone's thought processes, but it is important to give yourself some time to understand the other person. He/she may appeal as a positive person, but most of the people fall in the trap of some of these faking "Spreading arms" personalities, which indeed making them end up in dealing with heartbreaks or failures or trust issues or commitment issues. In this society, many people are roaming with their masquerades by portraying themselves as positive people. You should be aware of them. They are more dangerous than a straight forward person who spread legs to gain whatever he/she wants.

Spreading arms and spreading legs are the choices which can change a person's life and perspectives. Some stick with their ethics and their stubbornness whereas some just follow the flow of life and choose whether to spread arms or spread legs according to the situation they are dealing with. But whatever you choose, be sure that will improve your personality and lead you to the right destination. For temporary happiness, never mess your whole life by choosing the wrong choice and do not ruin your life by traveling on stormy paths.

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