Spreading Arms... Spreading Legs...!

Does life is all about spreading arms and spreading legs? Do you agree with it? Only a few can understand the deeper meaning of the thoughts behind the statement. Well, it is not so complicated. It is most like our choices to fulfill our daily accomplishments. Life is not about these choices, it is all about choosing whether to spread arms or legs. For some, spreading arms is the topmost priority because of the ethics they follow, but for some spreading legs can be the only option left to attain whatever they want.

And for your kind information, not all people who spread legs are whores and people who spread arms are appealing and understanding. Both of these choices have their pros and cons. Sometimes, an advantage of spreading legs can be of more value than of spreading arms. With these comparisons between these two choices and the benefits behind choosing either of the choices, a person can build up his life, lifestyle, and personality. One thing must be noted is, either of these choices affects a person on a larger scale.

The term "Spreading legs" has been taken as an offensive or an abusive or a demeaning term for ages. This term produces the vulgar tone when someone sounds or else it can be just treated as a fun aspect without proper recognition. Simply, this term itself depicts the life of a prostitute. Everyone wants her, but no one likes her. There are many people in this sick society where they are being forcefully or being too much aspired to gain something are spreading legs for the people who ill-treat them by being opportunistic with heinous acts. Making love or having sex with mutual consent can never be treated as just spreading legs. Because showing the ultimate form of love in terms of physically engaged into each other bodies is way more beyon