Spooning like Teaspoons...

There are many romantic techniques, a couple can use to spice up their romantic and erotic relationship. There is no rule that a couple should end up having sex every single day but if a couple keeps on skipping the sex sessions, unintentionally, they must at least try these romantic techniques, like Spooning. This is one form of adorable cuddling where one partner holds another one from the backside of him/her and digs his face in the shoulders of his/her partner. This sort of intimacy saves the relationship from the sexual gap. And sometimes, this intimacy may also arouse one's partner and end up having unplanned sex sessions too.

Inspired by this romantic technique of spooning, there exists an erotic sex position in the books of Kamasutra. Indeed, the position of spooning gave birth to this sex position called "Tea Spoon". Regardless of gender and orientations, this sex position can be followed by any sexually active person. This is an intense anal sex position which means this includes the raw form of penetration through the anus of a person. Followed by the gay couples, straight couples and lesbian couples with a strap-on, this elevates the romanticism and eroticism in a couple at the same time because of the feasibility in the positioning of the bodies.

According to the gay sex terminology, in this position, both the gay top and gay bottom or the person who penetrates and the person who gets penetrated must be in the same position facing away from each other by kneeling together. This involves the intimacy of skin touch between a couple. The kneeling position of gay top and gay bottom creates a perfect angle for anal penetration. But, the flexibility for the gay bottom is a bit more than the gay top.

Because the person who penetrates must be in a kneeling position focusing on the butt hole of his partner whereas the person who gets penetrated can move and adjust himself by kneeling flexibly according to his/her partner's preference. Because some people like to hop on the kneeling thighs of their partners and some like facing down instead of pressing their faces against the external support or his/her partner.

Hence, there is a feasibility for gay bottoms to shift position according to his or his partner's wish. No matter what kind of angle a couple of preferences, the kneeling position is mandatory to practice a teaspoons sex position. This position allows a person to penetrate his partner's butt hole in an intense tighter way as there is a little rigidity in spreading the butt hole wider because of kneeling, but that's what makes this position interesting and gives a painful pleasure.

When it comes to pain constraints, it is not a difficult position to practice. Hence, the pain is manageable and usage of lubes and condoms can make the penetrations smoother and also can relax pelvic muscles of gay tops and anal muscles of gay bottoms. Always maintain a consistent gap in penetrating which lets a couple enjoy the position for longer spans.

A couple must be flexible enough to hold the position for a while because this position includes kneeling which means the leg muscles of a person plays a vital role in performing this position. Hence, one must have proper holding capabilities and if you think your legs won't support, then you must skip this position. There are chances of facing leg and hip cramps during this position. Make sure you are fit enough before getting into this position.

This position is best for all yoga lovers and fitness freaks. Because the Camel pose of Yoga is involved in this position and penetrating in this position can shape up the whole body muscles. Yes, sex is one of the best workouts a person can attempt. So, why don't you blend your gym time and sex time and have a long-lasting sex session by opting for this position?

Teaspoons are one of the best positions for a person to try and have a long-lasting sex session time as the penetrations are mostly upwards or upward straight, the time of an orgasmic release can be more which allows to enjoy for a long time and also one of the best sex positions for climaxing too.

To increase the wildness and intensity, you can pull your partner's hair while riding him/her and also you can intimately kiss by grabbing your partner towards you and make love most romantically. As the legs are in a kneeling position, the hands of a couple can be used to entice each other by body play or nipple stimulation. And when it comes to a gay couple, a gay top can play with his partner's manhood while he explores the butt hole through his penis. And some people love to hold external sources like couches, walls, bed posts windows or some love to dig their faces in bedspreads or pillows. Well, there's nothing in it and indeed it increases the wildness in a session and also a couple can experience nirvana beyond the rules.