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Somewhere you are known, somewhere you are loved.

Keeping aside the personal facts of being extroverts, ambiverts and introverts, we all feel lonely at times, when we end up questioning our existence in terms of the attachments and connections we have at different phases of life. Apart from blood relations, family relationships and personal friendships, a few connections make us feel loved, accepted and romanticised. Those may happen out of attraction, infatuation, attention, passion, trust, lust and love. Hence, we all meet people whom we feel romantic at all stages of our life, and we treat them specially, sometimes prioritising more than our near and dear ones. Now you may call it hormonal evolvement, sensual attachment or intimate engagement, but every single one of them touches your amorous side of personality.

That's the precise reason, why one may feel extreme emotions towards people whom he/she/they consider passionate enough to pull the strings of romanticism. Care, concern, protectiveness, leniency, anger, frustration, sadness, and even denial comes along without caution when we deal with people whom we romanticise. We like some; we hang around with some, we hook up with some, we date some, we appreciate some, we commit with some and we break up with some but commonly we feel known and loved by them; which is quite impractical.

During a person's dating life, especially in the current scenario, people meet countless other people in order to decide whom to share their life with, for the rest of their life and some don't even want to fall under the so-called committed relationships by considering them as unbearable responsibilities. Do you think you can rely on every person you meet by assuming that you are known and loved by them? Well, if you think so, then you must burst your bubble and come out to confront the harsh realities around you because you are not known and loved by every person you romanticise. Instead of hurting yourself and your sensitive emotions for people who leave you even after spending ages with you, you must search for the place where you truly belong; where you get treated as if you are known and loved the way you are; where you can live without allowing existential crisis in your life.

Romantic relationships bring joy and make you explore the fullest of life but when they break, they bring calamity and leave you alone in the darkness but nothing is permanent in life. The moment you realise this mighty truth of temporary phases of your romantic life, you evolve strongly to look out for that person who balances you, brings peace and prosperity and supports you in all possible ways. So, now if you give it a keen thought, does every person whom you meet, remain your true partner? Then why do you carry such intense grief, depression and disappointment if someone chooses to forsake you? Isn't it futile to be that way?

It takes one right moment for a person to decide to spend the rest of one's life with you, and it has nothing to do with the span of knowing you. This is why, in some cultures, arranged marriages work more beautifully than love marriages. There is a possibility of encountering someone randomly new and deciding to devote life to them. Don't crush that possibility with your doubts, issues and troublesome mindsets with a lot of assumptive conclusions. Always remember, the best place to live is somewhere you are known and somewhere you are loved.

During birth, you have your family around; while growing up, you have the support of your siblings, friends and relatives, during adulthood you end up spending most of your time with colleagues and people you meet in different situations, and there comes one point where you decide to be with that one or more than one person (poly) you love the most or simply decide to stay single forever with extended family and friends. All these stages of life inculcate various lessons and the best ones are from your romantic relationships. So grasp them and apply them properly so that, you get to know that special somewhere; by being known and loved.

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