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Sometimes, we read it all wrong!

Surely, not about books, but feelings. And this happens with almost everyone and could be one of the major love issues in one's life too. Because, the world of love, is always deviating and people get the clarity only after the occurrence of a love calamity. It can be anything but mostly a heartbreak. Feelings are hard to handle and understand. Sometimes, they mean something, but reflect opposite to that. We, humans, are, of course, good at predicting, reading and understanding the feelings of others. But who considers themselves as wrong in the first place? No one! Because everyone thinks from their side and forget to consider the 360-degree factors.

This can be happened because of misunderstanding, miscommunication and sometimes misrepresentation too. The question is why people miss all these factors when they think that they are in love with someone who doesn't love them back? Be it an attraction or an infatuation or maybe love at first sight indeed, sometimes we read it all wrong. And purely, this can be anyone's mistake, maybe yours or maybe others too. You can never blame others or throw self-blame on yourself. Things like these, are totally out of our hands because the whole control lies in the heart and the brain becomes dumb. Simple!

Have you ever got friend-zoned by your crush or someone you like or love the most after you express your feelings? Have you ever been on a date and regretted it later, even though it went well? Have you ever kissed someone you thought you could get along with but felt weird after the kiss? Have you ever slept with someone and just felt that it wasn't worth at all craving for that person? Have you ever approached someone and tagged yourself as an idiot for making the first move? Have you ever talked to someone you were dreaming to strike a conversation and felt such a waste of time? Well, surely, you would have gone through at least one situation in your love-life and felt bad for yourself and others too, because you came to know that you read it all wrong!

We often do that most of the time. Everyone is included in the concept. We check out people at various places. Some attract us with their looks and lifestyle choices, but when you approach to talk to them, you may feel that you made a wrong move because their smart looks wouldn't match their dumb brains. This is a daily life example. Imagine, proposing someone in the middle of a whole crowd and get rejected by that person with a reason, saying "I have never seen you in that (romantic) way". The story becomes tragic then and there. It's no one's fault. We read people's feelings in our language and we never think about other's mindsets and their feelings.

A person may move close with you all the time as a friend or someone who trusts you, but there are chances that you may think that person is attracted to you or interested in sharing a whole life with you. Here, you may read it all wrong or else that particular person's feelings may make you read all wrong. A person who craves for a little attention may consider someone's help as 'Love'. Feelings are very delicate to handle. The emotions involved in love can be misunderstood very easily and quickly because of the various gestures people make to each other.

It might happen to you too. Sometimes, you can ignore a person who loves you deeply. It's just as you cannot feel his/her feelings because you never give a thought about seeing that person romantically. And there are chances, that you may read it all wrong and this time, it can be your mistake of not realizing a person who is intensely in love with you. We ignore people who love us and we chase behind people whom we love. Because we read it all wrong. We love reading the feelings of the person who cannot understand or who never wants to understand our feelings and we ignore that one person's feelings because we would be busy reading the wrong person's feelings. It's all about reading it all wrong.

All the drama that happens in the world of love, is because of people, who complicate simple feelings by not expressing them clearly and on time. We delay or we step back in portraying our feelings, which mess up the whole situation. Understand, Communicate and Represent, yourself and your feelings to any person you feel for. This reduces the unwanted traffic in your dating life or love-life. It is okay to express your feelings to the wrong person, but please do express even though it may end you hurt yourself. Because, if you know the answer is "No", you start diverting your paths towards the right answer and the right people. Only communication has this power, which lets you understand the feelings of yours and others too, and ultimately allow to represent yourself to approach the right person in your life.

So, why reading it all wrong, when you know that you can read it all right. Try not to read wrong and if you ever read wrong, just realize it and make efforts to read right as soon as possible. This will let you eradicate unnecessary drama in your life.

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