Sometimes, we read it all wrong!

Surely, not about books, but feelings. And this happens with almost everyone and could be one of the major love issues in one's life too. Because, the world of love, is always deviating and people get the clarity only after the occurrence of a love calamity. It can be anything but mostly a heartbreak. Feelings are hard to handle and understand. Sometimes, they mean something, but reflect opposite to that. We, humans, are, of course, good at predicting, reading and understanding the feelings of others. But who considers themselves as wrong in the first place? No one! Because everyone thinks from their side and forget to consider the 360-degree factors.

This can be happened because of misunderstanding, miscommunication and sometimes misrepresentation too. The question is why people miss all these factors when they think that they are in love with someone who doesn't love them back? Be it an attraction or an infatuation or maybe love at first sight indeed, sometimes we read it all wrong. And purely, this can be anyone's mistake, maybe yours or maybe others too. You can never blame others or throw self-blame on yourself. Things like these, are totally out of our hands because the whole control lies in the heart and the brain becomes dumb. Simple!