Social experiment in the Capital City of India!

Nowadays, being a member from the LGBT community of India is considered as a big experiment, because these people are always considered as gender minorities in the society and the queer life is always full of adventures, especially to the ones who are open to the society as "Queer!" The strange part is regardless of the development scenario in the country and in people's mindsets, the capital city of India, is still carrying the tag of the most unsafe place in the country, for everyone. But, it has been always my favorite city since my childhood, because this place gave me the strongest content to explore myself, others and especially to write about the metropolitan mindsets!

The mindsets of people here are opposite to the word called "Metropolitan". It is kind of an ironic situation, considering most of the Delhiites as sophisticated and broadminded walking souls. Hence, being an open and proud gay guy, I wanted to kick start my birthday vacation with a social experiment in Delhi. Trust me, it wasn't easy at all. But, if you don't try, you never know what people think about you and most importantly, you can never excel in life. The social experiment, I immersed myself in, was a sort of a fashion adventure.

Androgynous fashion is currently rocking and shaking the fashion industry of India. Non-binary looks, unisexual looks, Gender fluid looks are interestingly getting a lot of appreciation on ramp walks, but what about walking on the real streets of India's capital city? Do you think, people are welcoming enough when they s