So, who's the man in the relationship?

This is not just a question, but indeed a microaggressive expression thrown at all the homosexual couples by the people in and around the queer community. Though the question seems quite inoffensive, the opinion behind the question straightly criticizes the concept of homosexuality. Of course, we shouldn't read between the lines and dig for the inner meaning of a particular phrase, but some questions must be seen under binocular vision so that you can perceive what the other person wanted to ask you.

Homosexuality is an orientation where two same-sex males or females get into an emotional or physical or sexual bond to exhibit their like, lust, love, and affection towards each other. It has nothing to do with heterosexuality and should never be compared or mingled with its concept. But a very few people comprehend this difference between these two diverse orientations. When you see a straight couple, you obviously can say that the bond is made out of male energy and female energy. So, it is easy for a person to identify the man and the woman in a particular heterosexual relationship. Do you think, that people must apply the same rule for homosexuality too?