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So, when are you going to get "Really" transitioned?

To everyone out there, you must know one thing, a transgender remains as transgender regardless of one's physical transition and transformation. There is indeed no such concept of compulsory transition in the lives of transgenders. Being transgender is not just an orientation, it's all about recognizing, realizing, and revaluing one's mismatch of soul and body but continuing to thrive one's identity with or without transforming one's physical existence. And it's all about feeling the emotions and acting accordingly!

If you can't interpret this particular sexual orientation of the queer community, you have no right to ask dumb questions with the inclusion of microaggression towards the transgender community. Regrettably, we all ask this irrelevant and impractical question to every transgender we bump into. Instead of trying to understand the drill, we, the people from the queer community put excess pressure on the transgenders by asking this question. Yeah, though it seems a simple innocent question to ask, it triggers a person's existence as transgender.

So, what's the definition of 'real-transition' in your mind? Is it only about a transwoman getting her top and bottom surgery by adding breasts and mutilating the penis? Is it only about a transman removing his boobs and getting operated on for an extra penis attached to his already existing vagina? Is that, all you care about? So, you won't believe a person as transgender until and unless that particular person undergoes a physical transition by bearing all the medical, biological, and psychological pain?

Transgenders are not only all about transformations. They don't have to get into those material transitions to identify themselves as transgenders. Well, you don't have to do that because the psychologists and psychiatrists are there to do that work. Do you know these psychological counselors can prove a person as transgender without the need for a physical transition? Then who the hell do you think to question a trans person's identity by pressurizing one's physical transition?

You can see transmen wearing tight bands to conceal the breast fat to present themselves as men. You can find transwomen wearing push-up bras and fake boobs to carry themselves as women. They like to do that, and they don't feel any difficulty in spending time to conceal their physical identities to appreciate their emotional personalities, though it takes a lot of effort, pain, and time to manage things in and around.

When a person decides to present one's self as an opposite-sex person through cross-dressing and feel proud about one's existence through that, leave that person without ruining his/her happiness. That's indeed a real transition. Accepting yourself for being someone else without any hesitation is also a transition. You don't have to feel the breast fat on your body to experience the emotion of femininity. You don't have to carry a penis to stand strong like a man.

Transwomen and transmen can get physically transitioned according to one's wish and that's completely considered a willful act. Emotional and Psychological transformations are important. Self-love and self-acceptance are important. Carrying one's gender identity and sexual orientation comfortably is important. Breasts and penises aren't as important as you think and if you don't know that stop asking transgender people regarding their physical transitions and most importantly stop stressing and considering that physical transitions are the real transitions.

Asking a transgender regarding one's physical transition triggers them. Some aren't fortunate enough to afford the surgeries. Some aren't clear enough regarding their transformation. Some still struggle with their families and friends. Some still set up their careers and wait till they get settled. Some may just don't like getting physically transitioned as they feel it, completely unnecessary! If you ask this question, you become the person who upset transgenders. Try to understand the underlying microaggression in this question and stop asking it. Instead, you can talk about many things that make them feel comfortable!

So, to all the transgenders out there, if someone approaches you and pose you this dumb question in front of you, don't just say that you are going to get soon or try to explain the drill around you. Just prove to the person who asks you, that you are a true female or true male without any need for genitals and most importantly, if you are being identified as transgender, then you are already transitioned completely and really. So, strike that question off and crush the microaggression in your way by asking people regarding their knowledge about transgenders.

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