So, can girls be boyish too?

Indeed yes, when one's femininity craves an alliance with a form of masculinity within one's soul.

This issue discusses the nature of duality in sexuality, gender polarity and externalized expectations in building a relationship with the meanings we offer to the opposite and alternate 'sexes'. We are all chromosomes and hormones, signalling thought and emotion while interacting with the outer world and the inner identity that we construct for ourselves.

Beyond the binary lens of heteronormativity, our intrinsic core thirsts for clarity on inclusivity amidst the LGBTQ+ community. If we surpass social norms and obligations toward societal appropriateness, then we begin to question the nature of queerness within and the acquisitions, queer culture receives from witnessing individuals.

To reach a dialogue with the confusion within, and to converse with the conflict thrown at us by society-at-large, one must willingly accept oneself in the entirety of being. Embracing all aspects of the confused state of heart, expressing that ruffled mess which disturbs the intrinsic peace is the only solace to fighting the wars outside and internal to our very raw souls.

This soul-based seeker of truth, justice and freedom can be channelled into positive activism, only when the mind attains stillness. Being charged with extreme feelings of hatred, denial, etc. only worsens our intent and makes our purpose impure.

To observe the relational dynamics across genders and relationships, our thought patterns enable a process of deciphering one's dialogue with gender roles that one expects or submits oneself to, in coexisting with the world of discord.