Signs which let you know that you are just an option!

The dating scenario could be different from one person to another person. Some are intensely emotional and some are playfully materialistic. Everyone has their kind of approach regarding their dating life ethics and moves. You can't pass a judgment on anyone's dating life, but you can surely get to know whether you match the thoughts of the person you date and make sure whether you match with his/her ethics and moves. Regrettably, this is one of the classic mistakes most people commit in their dating life scenario. They don't realize what they are to the other person and everyone needs to recognize one's value in the mind of a person whom one dates.

No one likes to be treated as an option. We all crave becoming someone's priority. Love and relationship are chiefly about prioritizing a person out of everything. We don't date people whom we don't like and love, so, when you date, you need to be someone's priority, not an option. And a few signs undoubtedly make you recognize the position of yours in your dating partner's dating life!

  • If you feel that your love is being one-sided, then yeah, it's a sign that you are being considered as an option. Efforts are everything in a romantic bond and if you don't see them in your partner towards you either to impress you or to even realize your existence, then you are just an option in your partner's life.