Signs which lead you towards a serious breakup in your relationship...

Breakups are considered as the most common issue in the present scenario, especially in this millennial era. Most of us hear various breakup and patch up stories of our friends every day like a routine. Well, a breakup is being treated as a very simple thing, like a joke. But sometimes, even jokes become serious issues. Breakups are sometimes totally unexpected and unpredictable, but some can be easily predicted. We don't need to have excess senses for pretending a serious fall out in our relationships. We always get signals and vibes from our partners and within us which makes us realize that we are going to end up a relationship in certain modes, expected and unexpected. People who can sense those signs will get prepared for the bad times they are going to face, but people who cannot realize the bad vibes in a relationship, they struggle hard to digest the fact of a serious breakup. Hence, people should be aware of the situations which may lead to a serious breakup, so that they can prepare for the future or may set the present clearly in a way their future won't be affected.

  • Love is exciting. No matter how inexpressive a person could be, his/her eyes always portray the excitement of being in love with another person with a kind of spark. People who are truly in love can maintain it, but people who get drifted away lose the spark and that's when the level of excitement gets declined, which is a sign.

  • Relationships depend on efforts a couple makes to each other to carry the feeling of being together. If you experience zero efforts from your partner to make you happy and feel loved, then it is a serious sign that his/her efforts are being delivered somewhere else and to someone else other than you.

  • Initially, the excitement levels and the efforts would be more in any relationship. They get decreased gradually because a couple starts understanding each other's life, schedules, priorities, but they won't miss showing them when the time comes. And if your partner prefers sleeping is better than talking to you on a lazy long day, it's a sign.

  • We all are humans. We expect a little time from our partners to make ourselves feel good and forget all the stress we face in a day. And if your partner is not even able to give you an at least five minutes in a whole day, consider it as a sign, that there must be some change, either in his attitude or in your relationship. Where there is a will, there is a way. If your partners want to reach you, he/she can do at any cost no matter what.

  • Being sarcastic is different and being rude is different. If you experience more aggression and less sarcasm in your daily conversations, then treat it as a sign that something is bothering between you and your partner which may lead you to a serious breakup.

  • Respect is one such thing, every human deserves. And after some part of the relationship, if you feel like you are being disrespected in every possible way, sense it as a sign that you may be under trouble, or overpowered or controlled.

  • If your every single decision irks your partner off and make him/her less communicative in respect of supporting each other, then its a high time to realize the issues and sort them out, if not, treat it as a sign for your future breakup.

  • The clash of opinions always leads to discussions and sometimes people understand each other and support for the sake of their partners. If such a clash of opinions leads to arguments every single time you want to prove it right, even though you are right, then it's going to be wrong being with such people in a relationship.

  • Priorities always make people understand their partners through the significance they give to them. If you do not make at least one of the top priorities in his/her life, forget about being in a relationship, because that's going to lead to a serious breakup.

  • If you realize the situations are going exactly opposite to the way that your partner told you before getting into the relationship and if you see a different person altogether during your relationship and feel like being with, a person, someone whom you can never allow to be with you, that relationship going to be ended abruptly, maybe from your side, which is a sign.

  • Unnecessary comparisons, provoking to be someone whom you can never be, coming to a conclusion without you being asked for your opinion, repeating the same mistake day after day without learning from it, purposefully irritating you by doing things which irritates you, stalking you for no reason, doubting your every single move are some of the signs your partner shows that he/she is disappointed and maybe expecting more from you, which lead to a serious breakup.

  • If you realize that your partner is getting interested about some other person and make you feel low by talking about that particular person knowingly and unknowingly, then it's time for you to understand what your role in the relationship is reaching the end page, which is also a sign.

These are a few signs where a person can easily predict his/her partner when they share a relationship. Most of these can be sorted out if you and your partner are willing to give it another chance to revive your relationship, but few feelings, emotions, attractions cannot be handled easily and if you commit any forceful actions against these feelings, then you have to face the destruction later. It's better if you understand these signs and act on them rather than forcing someone to be with you. Serious breakups are the final breakups, they can't be revived so easily. Understanding yourself and your partner serves the purpose of eradicating these serious breakups.