Signs which forewarn you that you are staying in an unhealthy relationship!

Queer love is as normal as straight love. Sometimes it sucks and spills toxicity too. Under the name of love, some queer people get into relationships that are extremely toxic and unhealthy, and due to various reasons, these people confine themselves to stay in such unhealthy relationships just to prove nothing but the fact of being in a relationship! That's unreasonable, unethical, and unfair on any queer person's part. Life gives us signs to warn us regarding a particular problem, but we don't recognize them and we mostly ignore them to get stuck up in critical situations!

Don't be over romantic and most importantly don't try to prove that queer love is eccentric. If you say "love is love", why don't you accept that "love can be broken too"? Accept the fact that your relationship may end one day no matter what. If you keep restricting yourself for the sake of proving to society that you are in a good queer relationship just to inspire others and to be like an idol, then you simply end up fooling yourself. That's some toxic shit.

If your queer partner raises his hand or tries to overpower you with her dominative behavior to hurt you physically, then you must surely think about coming out of your relationship instead of encouraging such toxic behavior by keeping calm and try to change your partner even though you know that he or she can never be changed. Physical abuse is an unhealthy factor. Every slap, every push, every bodily injury is a sign that you are with the wrong one!