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Signs that prove metrosexual men are blurring the gender lines...

There is a huge difference between a typical heterosexual man and a metrosexual man and the difference suggests the behavioral patterns from two different eras, one is conservative and the other is modern. Masculinity has been always treated as a dominative treat that suppresses femininity as a submissive slave. But those days have vanished for those typical masculine men when the metrosexual men were introduced in the millennial era with their sensitive, elegant, cultivated, and the uplifting manner by embracing the feminine tendencies and considering the importance of the blended nature of masculinity and femininity. Hence, metrosexual men have played a prominent role in blurring the gender lines in the society which also acted as one of the reasons for many women to emerge as powerful feminists too! And many signs prove that point very clearly if you focus on the changes brought by these metrosexual men in society!

Metrosexual men never discriminate or differentiate gender behaviors because they know lifestyle choices have nothing to do with one's gender identities and sexual orientations. Most of the heterosexual metropolitan men who turned into metrosexual men are the true supporters of queer community because they can understand the feminine side of a man and also the true femininity. If you witness a well-dressed and well mannered heterosexual man supporting the queer community as an ally in pride marches or any queer carnivals, then yeah, it's a sign!

Have you ever shared a salon waiting room with a man waiting for his manicure and pedicure appointment and get to know that he's not just a gay but a person who loves to maintain his hands and legs as a weekly maintenance routine? Well, then you witnessed a man who blurred the gender lines without hesitating to portray his sensitive side in public.

Do you have an office colleague who never misses his meeting with his stylist though he is always busy around with his work schedules, just to be fashionable and trendy enough in your high-end work environment? Yes, your colleague is a fashion-obsessed-man who loves to lead a proper metropolitan lifestyle. Don't you feel that he is just as particularly as a woman when it comes to fashion and style? Indeed, he is and it's a sign!

Instead of making you uncomfortable with too much chivalry, does your best male pal always lookout for an opportunity to make you stand on your feet and want to look you as an independent woman and most importantly never demotivates you just because you are a female? Then yeah, you are blessed with a metrosexual man who tries hard to blur the gender lines with his sensitive and equal approach.

Are you a bunch of men gang who always love to hang out together by hosting house parties, inviting friends over for lunches and dinners, and most importantly go cosmetic shopping together? Is every one of your male gangs behave the way you are, in a sophisticated yet entertaining way without giving a damn about the other's opinions? Hell yeah, you are a true metrosexual gang who blurs the gender lines every time you guys hang out together!

Does your brother always look into mirrors to set his hair, spends a lot of time in dressing up for parties by focusing on every minute detail in dressing and etiquette, to represent himself as a decent polished man who wants to be a next big one to rule the metropolitan world? Well, your brother is a true metrosexual who doesn't mind investing his time and money to maintain and present himself to the outside world, and of course, it's a sign!

Metrosexual men are not about behaving and managing themselves as women and gays out there. They are all about leading a planned and delighted lifestyle by focusing much on social status and financial status. So, if your male partner has self-monitoring ability and sensibility to look after his standards and status, unlike typical heterosexuals who only consider money and not status, then be happy for having a man in your life, who always blurs the gender lines.

Don't get irritated if your boyfriend is cloth concern and always roam around various luxurious stores in search of the perfect fitting and suiting for any of his big days. Don't judge him for the obsession he has towards his appearance orientation and evaluation. Instead, be proud that you have a person who can understand your lifestyle and fashion choices further and who can help you with understanding how much time and effort it takes for a person to prepare for a particular social event. You surely feel your metrosexual partner as a person who blurs the gender lines if you witness other men who get easily irritated for efforts on appearances.

Dancing in showers and dancing on the dance floors seem similar to metrosexuals. Vacationing with metrosexual men is all about relaxing with spa rituals and self-care. Comparing one's identity and appearance with celebrities is common among these men and they don't feel weird about it and instead, they try hard to match the standards by comparing to other top metrosexual celebrities. Aren't these the signs which portray that, metrosexual men aren't like any other heterosexual men, but the men with sense and proper mindsets? These men are always around us as our partners, brothers, fathers, husbands, colleagues, and friends and we all must be thankful for these men who don't portray their toxic masculinity but always try to appreciate their feminine side.

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