Shunning Judgments...

Should I avoid talking about those mongrels who give me judgmental looks every time I step out? Do I really need to calm down when those annoying people pass comment when I walk? Why shouldn't I stop and fucking slap them when they try to tease me? Why should I ignore them? Is shunning those dumb fuckers is the only way to get rid of them?

Are we still struggling so much to open those windows of hope in the concept of Freedom, Love, expression and open mindedness?

Indeed, yes. Though the human race have traveled so far to the 21st century, the mindsets of people have still stuck up at 13th century. We are in the trance of a developed and modernized society in present scenario. But, we can still sense that pungent smell of judgmental mindsets. Will these people change their mindsets ever? Why are they habituated of keeping a section of people under a roof with moronic rules and regulations? Is people kind of very fine in leading a rat race with their tiny rat mindsets?

After facing too much of criticism and a lot of judgmental satires, I have decided myself not to give a fuck about them at all. I used to stop and give sarcastic and mean comments on those people who used to judge me. Sometimes, I have degraded myself pointing out their financial status and questioning their social status. I used to be literally frustrated and started throwing a lot of tantrums which hurt their inner social ego. Because, I was not the person who has habituated of taking shit from people. Hence, I have continued myself being that rebellious guy who reverts with some satirical and harsh phrases.

But there is no rule that everyone acts like the way I act with people right. I thought about it. I have jumped myself in the shoes of those Good, humanitarian, sensitive, innocent, calm people. These sets of people actually put themselves in the dilemma of ignoring judgments and answering them in return. They will process everything calmly in mind