Short and sweet 'Wander-lust' ways to celebrate this Valentine's week!

Traveling with your loved one makes you explore the inside out of your partner and also can be a chance to elevate or develop your romantic bond to a deeper extent. It is recommended for every couple to consider including travel plans during the season of love. And many couples seize the opportunity to spend some quality time by planning special valentine vacations because they know under the name of celebration of love, they can mend things that went wrong in their relationship till that moment.

But if you can't plan a special getaway trip with your partner out of time issues or budget issues, you can still fulfill your wanderlust with your partner by planning something short and sweet, that gives a chance for you to spend some good travel time. This Valentine's week you must explore these short ways to celebrate the season of love.

Cycling date:

Millennials are much aware of this particular kind of date where a couple meets and go around the city by cycling and exploring a small part of their surroundings. It sounds cute, doesn't it? Plot it out on one splendid morning or evening to grab your cycles and hit on roads to explore the calmness and witness sunset and sunrise. You don't have to plan specifically a particular place, unlike typical vacationing. Roam around your familiar place where you regularly visit or else discover a place nearby and cycle till that place and spend some good athletic time.


Be it a metropolitan city or else a village, you can always find some good picnic spots where you can spend a lovely time on a blanket over grassland with food and drinks you love to savor while looking into your partner's eyes! All you need is to decide about a particular place and get all the necessary picnic items packed. These are the tender moments you can cherish forever and excel as an understanding couple. You don't have to worry much about time and money. Go for it this valentine's week and be a cozy couple.

Trekking and Camping:

We are always surrounded by water sources and mountains. So, why don't you plan to explore the stillness in your relationship and have enough time to talk about everything you like to sort out with your partner while you enjoy nature around you? You don't have to choose faraway spots from your place. Most of the time we ignore the nearest attractions to us in the process of chasing exotic locations. Hence, this valentine's week, convince your partner to go out on trekking by carrying your backpacks with necessary items or else have a cup of chai and make some eggs near your camp tents over any lakeside. Isn't it exotic to spend such a romantic time together?