Serious talks you shouldn't skip on a first date in Modern-day dating!

If you consider your first date as too casual even after liking the person you go out with, don't expect a second date from the same person because unlike previous days the dating scenario has quite changed and people are gradually becoming thoughtful about whom they want to hang out with further. Even though you are in a bubble of casual dating lifestyle scenarios, you can leave a good impression only when your approaches are serious enough towards life. Of course, here the word serious doesn't mean expecting to get married right after the first date, but people do care about the future you want to deal with.

Seriousness is also not about being strict and rigid towards your date and even yourself. You surely don't have to dress up in a business suit and talk about your property details with an annoying face. Here serious talks are all about being a little futuristic, well aware and knowledgeable regarding your dating life. More than the price of your coffee, the value of your conversation matters. Maybe that's the very reason why a few couples click instantly even though they don't choose a posh restaurant to have a date.

  • Don't speak like a clown who portrays the know-it-all personality. When you don't know anything about a particular topic, ask and know about it. There's no shame because no one knows everything in this world. Your seriousness towards knowing the other person's minute details matters in creating an impression. So, don't look into your phone when your date speaks something important for his/her/their life.

  • Speaking of phones, never get offended if your date frequently attends calls from the office or home. No one wants to get away from one's date more often until there's some serious issue going on with one's life. So, understand and try to talk about it without crossing your limits in inquiring. Sometimes feel relieved when they talk about their issues. If the other person doesn't like to share, pass a smile and skip the topic by giving space and respecting the privacy regarding that very matter.

  • If you think people don't like talking about serious matters like family and future, then you must have gone on dates with ignorant people. No one in this current dating scenario goes on a first date without filtering and sorting numerous options out there until and unless that first date is all about sex and only body sizes and shapes matter. Hence, if you are meeting someone you like for the first time, don't hesitate to open up about plans and your thoughts about family. Get into the earnest talks after being comfortable with each and after allowing some time to settle.

  • You don't have to talk about caste and creed when it comes to family. Here family matters mean your ideology about starting a family of your own. It doesn't matter whether you like or don't like to get married and settled with children. Put your authentic self by telling how you wish to see yourself in terms of managing a family. Because some people are concerned about their partner's perspective towards family, marriage, and children.

  • If you are a queer couple, talking about the countries that allow same-sex marriage, legalization of your marriage, your thoughts about adoption and surrogacy won't irk your partner at all. Don't hesitate in expressing your views because, at the end of the day, you aren't going to ask for your dating partner's hand that soon. It gives an idea of how you are, what you want and how you need your partner to get along with.