Sensual gestures you need to understand while having sex!

Sex involves communication and if you are one among those people who don't communicate during your intercourse like a mute soul, then you can never comprehend what your partner needs and there are high chances that you may end up disappointing yourself and dissatisfying your partner. Sensual gestures are quite important for a person to appreciate the robust process of sexual intimacy regardless of what kind of relationship you maintain with the person in your bed!

Forget about making love for a while, focus on the carnal and bodily pleasures, a person can attain through the biological process of sex. We have various reasons for having sex, and one of the main reasons is to elevate your sensual moods by maintaining the consistency of pleasureful pain during the intercourse, which leads a person towards climaxing with utmost sensual satisfaction and to make it happen, one must understand the mental involvement of one's partner!

It all starts with some dirty flirting and ends with multiple orgasms, but there's a lot to experience and encounter in the whole process. If your sensual behavior implies only your sensual satisfaction, you become selfish and you always remain on the receiving side which makes you look like a sexual prick who comes, does whatever he or she wants to do, and leaves the bed. Well, do you want to remain as such a person or else do you want to be someone who can be tagged as a