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Sensual gestures you need to understand while having sex!

Sex involves communication and if you are one among those people who don't communicate during your intercourse like a mute soul, then you can never comprehend what your partner needs and there are high chances that you may end up disappointing yourself and dissatisfying your partner. Sensual gestures are quite important for a person to appreciate the robust process of sexual intimacy regardless of what kind of relationship you maintain with the person in your bed!

Forget about making love for a while, focus on the carnal and bodily pleasures, a person can attain through the biological process of sex. We have various reasons for having sex, and one of the main reasons is to elevate your sensual moods by maintaining the consistency of pleasureful pain during the intercourse, which leads a person towards climaxing with utmost sensual satisfaction and to make it happen, one must understand the mental involvement of one's partner!

It all starts with some dirty flirting and ends with multiple orgasms, but there's a lot to experience and encounter in the whole process. If your sensual behavior implies only your sensual satisfaction, you become selfish and you always remain on the receiving side which makes you look like a sexual prick who comes, does whatever he or she wants to do, and leaves the bed. Well, do you want to remain as such a person or else do you want to be someone who can be tagged as a person who can give a better sensual experience? The choice is yours!

First and foremost, being loquacious, over-expressive, and talkative in bed is not a gesture, it's a mood-kill vibe people always spill out of performance anxiety and extra extrovert behavior. Stop doing that. Be sensual in sex, not an orator!

Before understanding the gestures, know the inside out of your partner, sexually of course! Try knowing your partner's sensual likes, dislikes, preferences, tastes, fantasies, fetishes, and most importantly observe how he/she/they behave in bed! Most people open up better in bed rather than in public. So, make your partner comfortable by being comfortable around instead of making faces for the sudden change in your partner's behavior.

Get along with the flow. Never stop it by asking stupid questions, inquiring, or taunting your partner's sensual behavior. Remember, this may make your partner feel cautious and conscious and in a worse scenario, you may experience the drastic change which becomes a huge turn-off in bed!

Imitating your partner is one of the most appropriate sensual gestures you need to follow. Keep it subtle instead of becoming a drama artist in bed. This is one form of naughty acts you can choose to entice your partner and if you are good at it, you can also perform some role change acts which elevates the sensual moods. Goofing around is good in bed especially when your partner enjoys, you teasing him or her!

There's a cardinal rule for the sensual gestures in sex; if your partner does something so intimately and deeply connected with an act, it means he needs to be handled and treated the same way. For instance, if your partner loves kissing every inch of your body and spends some quality time at every erogenous area, it means that he or she also wants you to do the same. So, instead of lying like a moron, go and give the same sensual experience you receive from your partner.

If your partner involves a lot of tongue and body touch, it's a clear gesture that he or she surely wants you to use your tongue deeply while kissing and foreplay and expects you to never lose the touch on his/her body. These are the simple yet sensual reciprocations a person needs to observe and act accordingly and that's how you become someone who knows how to behave in bed sexually.

Also, never apply the same rule to all sexual acts. You must keep the sex roles in your mind. If you are a gay bottom or a person who gets penetrated, just because your partner likes penetrating you deeply, it doesn't mean he expects you to do that in return. That would become a huge sensual clash in bed. Instead, you can encourage and elevate his sensual moods by allowing him to get inside of you and making him feel comfortable by relaxing your nerves.

Acting in a way that your partner can explore the inside out of you physically, is indeed a romantic yet intimate sensual gesture. It is kind of making your partner understand you by understanding him or her or them, better!

Try to scrutinize your whole sensual act. Know when to shift the positions, understand when your partner needs to take a pause, analyze when you need to fill the sensual void in the middle of penetrations, communicate through eyes and smile to make your partner know how you feel, do whisper a few naughty phrases and praise the parts you liked the most in your partner's body including your partner's sexual assets. Altogether, comprehend every single sexual move of your partner as a sensual gesture to make your sex session, a memorable one!

If you consider sex as just a physical act to relieve your stress or to dump your loads, then you will never understand the value of having a proper sex session with the involvement of various mental and emotional gestures that make two souls entwine into each other by appreciating their naked bodies! Try this way and you surely love it!

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