Searching for a needle in a haystack!

Idioms are indirect approaches for people to understand life because most of us cannot get the true meaning of life when it teaches us directly. Hence, the languages have developed to make people get what life trying to teach us. The title is one of such idioms which is used in many languages to simply convey people that some tasks are extremely difficult that you may fail at it.

If you don't believe, try dropping a small needle in the pile of dry grass and start searching for it. You will get to know the real meaning of this phrase because the experience makes you believe that it is actually, a tough task. Like, how it becomes difficult for a person to find true love out of millions of lies in a relationship. A true relationship requires the constraints of honesty and pure love. But how many of you think that you are truly in a true relationship?

Well, now that's a big question in front of you and obviously, there is no particular apparatus to measure the true love constraint in your so-called relationship. Hence, most of us opt to go with the flow of a romantic relationship. In the process, we may either lose interest in person or we may develop feelings for others, which is very common in humans. Searching for true love in a relationship is as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack. You may find if you focus deeply, but it takes time and a lot of positive approach and confidence that you will find it at any cost. If you search for it, hopelessly, you may never find it.

Now, you may wonder, how a person can find true love in a relationship? All the relationships are made out of love, but some get withered after a few days or months or even years. But to maintain the relationship and to escape from the future consequences, people start piling up lies in a relationship. For suppose, if you think that your feelings are diminishing day by day on the person you are in a relationship with but instead of saying it in upfront, if you start convincing yourself that you may overcome it, then you stop being truthful in your relationship. Which, indeed, makes you pile up lies. And, one fine day, if your partner finds out that all the truths you mentioned were indeed lies, then the situation becomes quite unimaginable. Because, it is truly a difficult task for your partner to believe you and sometimes, there are chances that your truths also get camouflaged with your lies and considered as lies at the end of the day, no matter what.

Now, your partner feels like searching for your true love is exactly like searching for a needle in a pile up dry grass, extremely difficult. And not all humans are blessed with utmost patience levels, some may easily give up on you and may break the relationship then and there soon after they found out that whatever you said to save the relationship were lies. If you want to understand it clearly, step in the shoes of your partner and think from his/her side.

Relationships are fragile when they get constructed on lies. They visible to fall if you say truths, but indeed, they become strong enough. Because that's the power of being truthful in a relationship. Your thoughts may be weird, annoying, cheap, disgusting, degrading, but if you suppress them with beautiful lies by assuming that your partner may never understand your thoughts, then you end up making your path of destroying your relationship. So, always express your thoughts no matter how dumb they are. Because this leads to strengthening the bond and to increase the understanding abilities of a person.

And also, instead of searching for true love, it is always suggested to be truthful enough in a relationship because, in the end, it results in shaping up your relationship with a true love constraint. So, stop searching for a needle in a haystack. Why do you have to drop the needle? Protect it properly and do not approach a pile of dry grass, when you handle a needle. Every single thing is in our hands and our control. So, make the best out of it and be the best in a relationship. Relationships become interesting when you keep on expressing how you feel being with the person you bonding with. It is not difficult, is it? So, why messing up a beautiful relationship when you can express everything instead of assuming and spilling lies?