Sad is the new Normal...

Have you heard about "Orange is the new Black"? Yeah, the American Television web series, which is all about the Prisoners life portrayed in both comic and tragic ways. The idiom actually says more about fashion. The black goes with everything and hence, whenever someone wears color which is getting accepted as a trend for the particular fashion period, they simply compare it with the Black. Like black in fashion, being Normal in life is basic and important too.

People die to fit in the normality of the situations in the current scenario like how we LGBT community people fighting against societal judgments just to prove the normality of being what we are. Because everyone wants to be treated normal, no matter how different they are. Even a mental patient, never likes to be called himself as a lunatic or something. He just wanted to be treated normally.

But, life is all about emotions, be it happiness or sadness, the life revolves around various kinds of emotions. Especially in love, the range of emotions varies every single day and they are always extreme. Sadness in love, appears only after breaking the threads of the love knots. Break ups always end people in sadness. Whatever the reasons might be, getting away from one's partner is always painful. It takes years to move on for some people and for some it hardly takes a few minutes to move on. It depends on how deeply we get connected to the soul of our partner. The sadness is equally proportionate to the emotional connection between two persons.

To see the phase of happiness in the future, a person must go through the sadness which answers a hell lot of unanswered questions. The sadness, post breaking up the relationship with our loved ones is extreme and misleading too. For them, sadness acts a pain reliever. Crying by thinking about the partners, drunk dialing, stalking their loved ones and sometimes acting in a weird yet psychotic way are various forms of showing sadness of how they miss the love life with their partners. For the person, who misses the other person and the love life with that person, this sadness is normal.

Crying for hours and hours is normal. Stalking about every single step of the partner and his/her current partner is normal. Following the ex partner wherever he/she goes is normal. Calling hell lot of times to just hear the voice or for validation in getting back with them is normal. Degrading the self respect and going behind them like a puppy, is normal. Waiting for the person who left by assuming that he/she would be back is normal. Unable to realize the self worth is normal. Getting disappointed for small things is normal. Loosing the patience more often is normal. Unable to analyze the situation which is degrading one's mental abilities is normal.

Everything which is sad is indeed getting normal for the people who are still stuck with the word called Love, especially love with their ex partners post breakup. They are sort of habituated with sadness and leading the sad life as their normal routine. It's with everyone, not only with the people who are fantasizing about love. It's happening with career choices, lifestyle, and Love. People started leading sad lifestyle as normal if something goes wrong with them and their life. Hence, sad is the new normal now.

We are celebrating breakups, we are going for trips to find solutions after the loss or the end of a relationship, we are having endless sex to rebound ourselves, we are behaving like someone else to get rid of our original versions because the original version of ours make us think about that particular someone who was with us, we are getting addicted to the stuff which makes us high in search of happiness. But, indeed we are doing all these out of utmost sadness, and we treat it as normal or sometimes beyond normal to just prove the society that we are sad.

Why sad has become new normal? Then what about happiness? Is it that special? In fact, happiness must be normal for a human being right. Then why are we behind the sadness and making our self sad and throwing ourselves into dark phase post break ups or downs in life. Answers are actually in our own souls, but we ignore them because we are busy in indulging our bodies in sadness, mistaking it to be normal. There is no rule that one must be deeply sad after breakups, but we created these sad routines as normal regimes post breakups. Hence, Sad is the new Normal.

Do we really need to accept the phrase and treat sad as the new normal? Well it's up to you, really. Because sad is not the only choice for being normal. There are many, we can explore them only when we allow ourselves to come out of the sadness!

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