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Rinse and Repeat....

Humans have developed many electronic machines to reduce the time consumption and also to save energies. Machines meant to reduce the human efforts for completing any sort of task. Slowly, during developing these human made machines, the humans are also started behaving like machines. They are becoming emotionless, lifeless and mostly hopeless. Machines complete any kind of task easily and they don't need to care about feelings, because they work on programs and not emotions. Likewise, humans are also not considering the emotions of others, but they are completing the tasks like machines without feeling them. We are transforming ourselves as Washing machines slowly.

Washing machines remove dirt and stains of our clothes. That's the ultimate task of any washing machine. According to various other tasks, human have developed various washing machines with different specifications and programs. The end result must be to save our energy to wash clothes and to give us stain free and dirt free clothes. Their everyday tasks are just Rinse and Repeat. The machines work everyday according to the will of a human. In love, we are behaving like washing machines to each other. We, no more carrying the emotions in our mind, we are just acting on other's specifications and programs. We are rinsing all our emotions and repeating the same mistake every time. Here the mistakes are not because of bugs in the program, they are all about blindly believing the emotionless emotions of a fellow human.

Wondering how emotions can be emotionless? Well, we love each other with some romantic and caring emotions. After getting habituated with these emotions, we humans become habituated to these so called romantic emotions on each other. Then we slowly start taking our partners or others for granted. Just because we get habituated with the same daily task of loving each other, we become emotionless. We take advantage of each other by thinking that the others would understand our stupidity and we ultimately start behaving emotionless. Though love is an emotion, we start loving others in an emotionless way which is weird as fuck. Because, that's not the actual Love is. It must be the same every day, but unfortunately, the monotonous feeling of loving our partners make us emotionless without having our knowledge. Hence, we rinse and repeat the same mistakes of love every single time. At the end, we humans behave like machines. We just do the task and repeat the same. Finally, the feeling of Love becomes Monotonous, which every single human hates.

But, strictly speaking, we become monotonous in love. We stop to consider is at as a feeling and we start seeing it as a task. It transforms from stress reliever to stressful thing. It becomes a burden and no more treated like a responsibility. The care becomes possessiveness and transform into insecurities. We act like machines. Like how many machines work by taking instructions and complete the task without caring about the end result. We just care about the tasks we do and we don't even give a damn about satisfactory levels of our partners any more. We just listen to our partners and we do what we want to do without considering the emotions of our partners. Why this machinery behavior can be seen in couples who are in love with each other for so long time. Indeed, there must be even more intense in showing love for each other, but why we feel it as a monotonous task?

On the other side, we also start behaving like machines, like how they act upon humans instructions. Likewise, we humans also blindly believe others and their manipulative phrases under the name of Love. That emotion makes us totally blind and worthless, which is toxic and that's not love indeed, that's an obsession with a person or an emotion. Hence, that makes others take advantage on those people whose emotions are easily handled. They keep on breaking us every time and we keep on go behind them like puppies. That's Not Love. That's a pure form of stupidity. We know that it's a mistake of loving those kind of manipulating people, but we still go behind them and make ourselves fools in front of their fake emotions. We just rinse and repeat like machines and sadly, we mention that as LOVE.

Like an unfixed Washing machine, we do rinsing mistakes and we repeat it. What code must be needed for humans to love others and repeat the same without any discrepancies? It's again Love. Only the purest form of blossoming love can fix any human to consider the relationship as an emotion and not like an endeavor anymore. Aging in love is too romantic and adorable, but that doesn't mean one should take another for granted just because one get habituated with his/her partner. Similarly, Love doesn't mean exploiting of other's emotions and breaking those emotions and make people run behind us by being manipulative and idiotic. It is also toxic, when people go behind others who exploit their emotions and hence they must consider the emotions of self control and self respect to get over the toxic relationship they are in.

We improved machines to make our tasks easy and surely not to behave like machines in an emotionless way. We are living and hence we act according to our emotions. We love each other and that must not be considered as machine to operate according to your emotions. Rinse all the dirt like removing all the unnecessary feelings and manipulative emotions. Rinse to remove all the stains by understanding the emotions of others and come out clean rather than ignoring those stains. Be stain free and dirt free in the concept of Love, by accepting the dirt and stains of others in an appropriate way. Because when machines can accept the stains, why can't we humans accept and act upon them by treating them with Love. Love is the only emotion which can make us humans because machines can't love others.

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