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Relationship resolutions you should consider this 2023!

Yet another new year that brings excitement, charm and hope for some changes to regulate our romantic relationships, especially for every single one of us who craves purpose in life. It's easy to get along with the motto that says, 'new-year-new-me' but it is hard to twist our old ways to bring new perspectives on board. If you have been in a romantic relationship for a while, you must have put some thought into new-year resolutions regarding your partner, your bond and yourself. Resolutions are nothing but some dos and don'ts in the upcoming future that may help a person to attain one's long-term or short-term goals easily without failing at them or messing them up totally. Relationships also need such resolutions every year and as we stepped into 2023 a few days back, it's high time for you to consider some to bring a good change in your romantic life.

  • Break the monotony. Try to add or subtract elements from your regular relationship regime.

  • Follow new routines that keep you both fresh and that involve both of you together to work so that the void reduces or vanishes if there is any.

  • Acquire the habit of discussing things before applying them in your relationship, especially lifestyle changes and life decisions.

  • Invest your time, effort, money and energy in bringing up something together be it a plant or a pet animal. This will implant traits like responsibility, care and nurture in your relationship scenario.

  • Tone down or escalate your emotional expressions according to your partner's required level as it creates a sense of balance and motivates your partner to trust you more.

  • Vulnerability improves compatibility. So employ it accordingly if you haven't before.

  • Travel to places you have never been before to gain a soulful new experience by encountering people, situations and hurdles together.

  • Participate in events and activities that bring both your circles closer so that you can get a chance to explore and comprehend each other's worlds.

  • Try to enrol yourself and your partner for some spiritual awakening aspects to give a traditional touch to your relationship. If you are inter-faith, inter-communal, inter-racial or inter-regional, these aspects help you to understand each others' cultures beautifully.

  • Give time to your partner and also take time for yourself to embrace interdependency and individuality in your relationship.

  • Develop the habit of saying yes and saying no to people according to your relationship circumstances without compromising and suppressing your priorities.

  • Bring changes to your diet, food habits, exercising, and gymming to maintain a healthy lifestyle without overdoing and underperforming your regimes.

  • Talk about things this year that you aren't comfortable talking about in previous years because of hesitance, shyness or fear of losing your partner. Break that barrier between you both and spill everything with utmost transparency.

  • Be adventurous enough to take risks this year in terms of fulfilling your career, family and couple goals without restricting yourself.

  • Plan a financial structure together that assures your future security as a couple.

  • Go to the next step of your relationship in terms of commitment, if you feel that you have delayed enough due to various doubts and issues.

  • Cook together once a week, regulate household chores equally and create a home together by purchasing things that make you feel at home if you are in a live-in relationship.

  • If you are a queer couple, make the best use of this year to fulfil at least some of your power queer couple goals to bring aspiration to your relationship and also to inspire others. It all starts with a good initiation together in every possible perspective.

  • If you are a long-distance couple, this year you must try meeting midways or surprising your partner with a special visit or planning a vacation together but most importantly try to bridge your time gaps and communication patterns.

  • Take some individual casual breaks this year if you are a couple who has been together for ages and feel it's being too much to handle the added pressures of your relationship with extra responsibilities.

  • If you are a couple with children, work on your relationship charm if you feel it missing because of your kids and their life-changing scenarios. If you are a couple who plans to have children, then you need to employ your energies in research and development to understand how to balance your relationship and your future responsibilities.

  • If you are that casual dating couple for a good amount of years, don't you think you should bring some spark to your relationship by making things spicier with some seriousness? It's fun though to own up to your partner and announce to the world your strength of committing to something you love the most.

All these resolutions sound simple and it is easier for bloggers, advisors and your well-wishers to suggest you some but it is difficult for couples to put them into practice with utmost regularity without losing them midway through this year. Love is strong and it makes lovers stronger to take up new challenges to bring the charm to old beginnings. Hope these resolutions work beautifully on your bonds this year and in future years too.

Everydayqueerlife wishes you all a Happy New Year, 2023!

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