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Redesigning the Regrets!

Humans make hell lot of mistakes in their lives purposefully and unintentionally too. But carrying the guilt for those mistakes in the form of regrets is never ending concept. We make some mistakes to protect ourselves and some we do to satisfy our ego levels. Unfortunately, we commit mistakes in both ways under the name of Love. Breaking up the relationships, cheating on partners, leaving people all of a sudden because of societal pressures, creating differences between a couple to just satisfy our mental happiness, honor killing of people who love each other, getting apart because of family pressures, eloping with our loved ones by leaving whole family, torturing our loved ones mentally and physically, etc. There are various kinds of mistakes a person do under the name of Love and for the Love too!

A person commits different types of mistakes emotionally and physically, to either make love or break love. At some point of life, we all humans regret about those immature mistakes we commit because of Love. Hence, to come out of the unwanted guiltiness, a person must redesign the regrets. It's same like redesigning our old tattoo which specifies our childishness. To some extent, that tattoo seems cute, but after we become a bit matured person, we think of getting rid of it. Hence, we think about redesigning the tattoo in a better way so that the level of regret decreases and sometimes vanishes off because of the new appearance of the old tattoo.

Applying the same rule in our dating life, a person can be happy though he committed mistakes in past and carrying guilt till date. All he has to do is to redesign the regret. Well, redesigning a tattoo is totally physical, but redesigning the dating or love or relationship regrets, we all must focus on our emotional side to get things in a proper shape after years of struggle to come out of the guilt trip. Hence, here are some of the ways to redesign those regrets.

  • Breakups can be of many types. Whatever type it is, a single word called "Sorry" from the bottom of your heart can make any person think about forgiving you or giving a second chance to excel the relationship. So, take the ego out of you and redesign it with your matured mind of accepting your mistake and also accept your partners or ex lovers by forgiving them too.

  • If you have cheated in your relationship with someone else and you leave your relationship with your partner all of a sudden, the guilt will be forever. To reduce the guiltiness in your mind, just approach your partner and clear them your preferences and perspectives and also explain them under what circumstances you had to cheat on your partner regardless with or without intention. Just speak out and clear the messy shit you created in your relationship. At the end of the day, your partner deserves the explanation.

  • If you left your family because of your love and to get married with your loved ones, take some time and try to get back to your family no matter what. Because, for any person, family is important. To redesign your silly mistake, you need to face struggles for their acceptance. Do not give up on them and keep trying. The fruitfulness of those struggles can be witnessed by your kids, because they get your families behind them.

  • If you think that you made a mistake of not accepting your sibling's or your offspring's love and their emotions, you must redesign the regret by accepting them wholeheartedly. Reach wherever they are, explain them why you were against their relationship and try to make them understand how you care about them and at the end, hug them and get back with them. That's how a family should work, accepting each other.

  • Out of Jealousy and over possessiveness, you might have ruined the blossoming relationship with your ex partner or your friend. Whenever you saw them sad, you might have had sadistic pleasure, but that would surely get vanished after some part of your life. And that's when you feel guilty for your silly mistakes and the regrets are clearly unacceptable. If you ever get a chance to meet the people whom you have distracted from their relationship with lies and actions, get slapped by them. You certainly deserve it. Apologize them for your mistakes. You will feel relieved for sure no matter whether they do or don't accept your apologies. Do that for self realization and don't expect anything.

Accepting the mistakes by self realization is the best method to redesign the regrets for all those mistakes you commit in your life. Love is very delicate. The emotions involved are very sensitive and one must handle them with utmost care. But during the process, we humans focus on our egos, attitudes, prestige issues, social statuses, financial statuses, religion differences, jealousy, possessiveness and many more negative concepts. Sad part is we all forget about the positive emotion called Love and we commit mistakes knowingly and unknowingly out of stupidity. But the humanity in us, make us realize those mistakes at any point of life and that's when we think of redesigning those regrets to get back to the old relations, to spread the happiness to new people and create a new environment for the newness of our lives.

So, try redesigning the regrets, especially the regrets from the mistakes you commit because of the positive emotion called Love. Relationships can be stronger if we redesign out regrets.

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